annual Carnival of Beer

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annual Carnival of Beer

On the day of the annual Carnival of Beer, there are a lot of people who will gather together, they will discuss the culture of beer together, and drink beer together, play together with each other on the carnival, this is a day of memorable, many people will Take this carnival as an opportunity of expressing their emotions and pressure, so this day also become the day of pressure to release.

There are many people who participate in carnival, whether the age of young, middle-aged or elderly, they are happy so happy there, they will take this opportunity to make friends with  similar habit, some of them wearing  dress which is so attractive, They will wear loose clothes, because it will be more convenient, when they pick up the beer began to have a drink, there will be a lot of  range of action, so choose the loose clothes is the first step to participate in the carnival. When the beer is finished, the clothes may become damp, if the clothes are made of cotton at this time, it is very difficult to become dry, It is very uncomfortable that the wet clothes stick to the skin, so this time must Choose clothes whose material is easy to dry, such as silk and linen, which are good choice also, no matter how much you drink, how damp your clothes are, it is no longer worry about the problem of uncomfortable, even if there is no sunshine, when the wind begins to blow, it will dry very fast in a short time.

In other collocation, the better proposal is to wear low-heel shoes, because it is more relaxed, when you drink more, your friends are still giving you irrigation constantly, this time you were easy Shoes can run immediately, there is one thing that if you are wearing a high-heel shoes, you are not convenient than other  partners when drinking beer, so consider carefully, and finally you will choose a pair of low-heel shoes relatively, The best choice is sports shoes, this will be more  comfortable and convenient, the operation will be more efficient.

I do not know how you spent carnival on last year,  a tight cotton dress or material of loose linen?if you want to be relaxed and pleasant than the original atmosphere of the festival this year, then Accept my advice, you can have a try that makes sure you will spend an unforgettable carnival of beer this year. In fact, this is not a difficult thing, only to do some small changes on the clothes.

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