Best Christmas Party Games for Adults Who Want a Little Fun

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Best Christmas Party Games for Adults Who Want a Little Fun

Candy Canes

Just like the game of Spoons, but swap cutlery for candy canes for a fun Christmas card game with even sweeter scoring

Two Truths and a Lie

Start with a question (one of your favorite Christmas memories or the worst gift you’ve ever received) to see how many people can pick up a lie out of three answers.

Jingle Bell Toss

The Christmas party game is a beer ball-corn hole hybrid game made up of hot cups glued to the board and thrown bells on the board to score.

How Many Ornaments

At the beginning of the evening, ask each guest to guess the number of ornaments in the tree in order to cleverly take out the candies in the jar. Record names and numbers on paper and reward those closest to the prize guessing.

Christmas Limbo

How low can you go? Use a Christmas scarf or candy cane prop to make this party game more festive, and for even more of a challenge, put a balloon in your shirts for “Santa” bellies.

Name That Christmas Carol

Make a list of lyrics from Christmas songs (either obvious or unlikely!) and see how many lyrics each team can guess in a minute. Or, instead of lyrics, hum a piece of music and let your team guess. Warning: things can get louder.

Elf on the Shelf Game for Adults

After the children go to bed, put the elves on the shelves and hold adult competitions to see who can find the most interesting position.

White Elephant

Perhaps the most popular Christmas party game, the White Elephant keeps an exciting gift swap allowed.

Who Am I?

Also known as “Celebrity” or “Hafbanz,” each player draws lots from a pile of index cards marked with the names of people associated with Christmas (from Santa Claus to Chevy Chase) and posts it to his head without looking at it. Everyone must ask each other “yes” or “no”.


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