Confessions of a Christmas Concierge

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Confessions of a Christmas Concierge

Although it may be donation season, my customers are asking. As CEO of John Paul (john paul), who provides luxury concierge services and loyalty solutions to companies around the world, I’ve seen some interesting demands over the years. As we end the holiday season of hope, excitement and dreams, I think I will share our more extraordinary holiday story.

One client, for example, has such a good memory of the lasagna she discovered in Venice years ago that she knows she has to make it part of this year’s Christmas Eve celebrations. After careful coordination with restaurants in Venice and FedEx (apparently, delivering fresh 6000 miles of lasagna requires strict temperature controls), the perfect service of 40 Italian delicacies is delivered in time to her California gate to celebrate Christmas Eve. supper Appetizer What children’s parents do not want to spend a few hours with a well-dressed Santa Claus in the mall with the magic Christmas experience in exchange for his photos? How about going to see Santa Claus at home in the Arctic Circle?

We plan to meet Chris Kling at Lapini’s residence in Finland. If that’s not incredible enough, after the celebrity met and said hello, we had a fun holiday in the village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle.

Like many of us, another customer dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights all his life, the best natural light in the northern part of the world in winter. While many travelers see the elusive aurora borealis through windows or fields, few can claim to have seen it through their own stoves. After flying to Sweden to settle down, they saw the aurora borealis. For their luxurious glass-roofed homes, this is exactly what one of our clients does. Now imagine you’re having a black-and-white party for your son. Needless to say, without a living penguin, it is incomplete! As you can imagine, finding 40 penguins is not an easy task, nor is it a matter of establishing proper temperature controls at parties to protect these exotic birds. But it was fun to meet the challenge and we were happy to be part of his dream and his son was shocked.

Last but not least, we recently worked with a client to “shock” his girlfriend with an unforgettable marriage proposal. After extensive conversation and research, our goal is high, choosing the world’s most famous hotel-the world’s tallest restaurant, located nearly 1500 feet from Dubai. This world-famous restaurant is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable romantic proposal. I’m glad to tell you that she said, “Yes!” As a concierge, it goes without saying that dog walking, grocery shopping and restaurant bookings are all very popular and can undoubtedly improve the lives of busy customers. But it is the excessive demands, especially during the holidays, that make the job challenging and interesting. Amber Trechner is chief executive of John Paul (john paul) America and John Paul (john paul). Leading global concierge service companies work with companies in banking, luxury goods, cars, technology and hotels. The company, acquired by accorhotels in 2016, is expanding rapidly in North America.

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