Denmark celebrates “Christmas in July” with Santa Claus from all over the world.

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Denmark celebrates “Christmas in July” with Santa Claus from all over the world.

Sleigh bells, reindeer and Christmas tree.-but in July? The annual World Santa Claus Congress in Denmark celebrates precisely at hot temperatures.

In the heat waves sweeping Europe, what better way to survive than wearing a multilayer red velvet dress and a fake white beard made of the finest polyester and acrylic materials? Even with that in mind, it’s crazy-but in Denmark, people from all over the world are doing the same thing at the annual World Santa Claus Congress (wssc). The three-day event will be held on July 23-26 at the World Santa Claus Congress. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, said 125 Santa Claus from 15 countries will “discuss professional issues.” Networking between reindeer is optional.

O Come, All Ye Faithful – to Copenhagen

Christmas in July brings together a variety of Christmas events, including Santa Claus Barrier Stadium, a sea foot bath near Bellevue Beach, and exhibitions and bamboo festivals at the Baken amusement park (local name bakken) in Denmark. There is even a “great elves band”, consisting of 20 Christmas elves. As a highlight, the St Tass International delegation to the World Summit took part in a parade in full attire on the streets of Copenhagen. In front of thousands of spectators-despite the weather forecast for this week’s high temperatures (as high as 30 degrees Celsius). It is reported that even one person was dressed up as a Christmas tree this year.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The WSSC dates back to 1957 when its founder, Bakken entertainer Professor Tribini, decided to bring Santas together for some socializing as well as a healthy dose of festive cheer at the height of summer.

Santa Stan Miller from Alabama told Reuters that Santas come to the event to “enjoy beautiful Copenhagen and to share and exchange information and ideas about how to make the world a better place to live for everyone.”

“That is what being Santa Claus is all about,” he added.

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