Immigrants feel at home Christmas

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Immigrants feel at home Christmas

Christmas tradition takes us home for a holiday. In northeastern Pennsylvania, residents can trace these traditions. They were brought here by their ancestors in search of a new and better life. Welsh immigrants brought festivals of music and poetry. Slovak immigrants cast straw under their desks to remind their families of the humble origins of Christ. Polish immigrants welcome a church organist from home. A wafer made of flour and water. The head of the family gave the music lover a small tip and dipped it in honey to share with his wife and children. Many popular holiday traditions are still celebrated today. In addition, a new wave of immigrants introduced the traditions of their ancestors, making northeastern Pennsylvania feel more like home. For Tony Camacho, Christmas is about Christmas for his family and Pinata. The 30-year-old Italian tortilla owner emigrated from Morelos, Mexico, to Scranton in 2002 and still celebrates the festival with many of his hometown’s traditions. Camacho describes several traditional Mexican foods, from Mole Soup to Potato Cardamom, as part of his typical Christmas feast. They exchanged gifts through a secret Santa Claus, and the children used Pinata pounds full of candy and fruit

Sam’s family used to go to church, but as she grew up in the Bhutan community in the Clanton region, they began to preside over the sermons because of the language barriers of some members. “Everyone is singing” the Christmas tradition in the Democratic Republic of Congo more pious than business. In the two weeks about December 25th, people often went to the village. On the street, singing and dancing, Asa Moussa FARY, the Clanton resident, said Bean vunmagali, who said Christmas was coming in the Congo rainy season, but the weather had little influence on the music. “Everyone is singing, because Jesus is going to be born.” the family also carried lanterns to the eve of Christmas. The church service, where they perform a Christ – born play, and then adore together and join the church again at Christmas, said Apollo Nasa Lou Nur, from Scranton. After the family dinner together,.Suulunu said that Fu was made of cassava or corn flour, meat or fish, vegetables, rice and beans, usually one of the meals. Part. Families give gifts, but usually only for children, usually a new set of clothes and toys, she said. Moussa FARY and Sarum both fled South Kivu’s home a few years ago and lived in refugee camps before they came to northeastern Pennsylvania. Rum and her family, as well as many local people in Congo, worshiped at the Methodist Church in St Paul, NANs Clanton, and planned to attend the service there this year. “This is a tradition” in a part of the Christmas tradition in Puerto Rico including an astonishing no doubt – often sleeping friends and Christmas Carols. A group of friends for the “Park” will gather to cheer for Santa Claus. Singing is usually accompanied by grolo, Latin American percussion instruments, Malakar J and Cuatro, guitar like instruments, Wilfredo Medina Mussi Chi. For Puerto ricans, celebrating Christmas is a multi month event beginning in November, One month they celebrated three King’s day, called the Terres Reyes Magos of Losangeles, who said that the wise men visited Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. “They follow Christian traditions,” Medina said. “We are religious, we love families, we have a lot of family values.” so in January 6th, the children would be in him. They put a shoebox under the bed to help the wise man ride a camel in the Bible. In return, the children received a holiday gift. Food also played an important role in the Christmas celebration. The dough was a mixture of bananas, wrapped in a cornmeal shell, a typical rice porridge with peas and pork. A piece of pork, baked for five to six hours, is always on the table, Medina says. The other features of the Christmas dinner include abut condoul, rice pudding, “Kokpo in Puerto Rico’s home”, a rum made of coconut and non sugar condensed milk, Medina added. “This is a tradition.” “this is a tradition”. “This is a tradition”. “This is Vera.” Kovar Kryson’s family “a place of Christ”, an elaborate Christmas night meal began in January 6th. On the eve of Julian’s Calendar Christmas Eve, the first star in the sky became a.12 dish, called svieta vchina, or “holy dinner”, rooted in the tradition of Ukraine. She said the 12 dishes represented 12 apostles. It includes cremation, pickled herring and Kutiya, a kind of food made of wheat, poppy seeds and honey. After Cadia, the family sang a song and continued to eat. They also left an open seat on the table. “You always set up an empty space, which symbolizes Christ’s position,” said kowal krewsun, after dinner. The family took part in the church service and then attended another ceremony at Christmas. She attended St. Michael’s Ukraine Orthodox Church, where her father was an honorary minister. Orthodox Christians watched the Julian calendar and celebrated Christmas in January 7th, while those who attended the Catholic Church in Ukraine celebrated on Monday. Christmas. Mary Ante Folco, who is attending the SS, Cyril and mydiou Ukraine, the Greek Catholic Church in Oliphant’s church, will also celebrate the 12 discs without meat and milk on the eve of the Christmas Eve. Her family spilled hay on the table, symbolizing the birth of Christ. They used white tablecloths to represent Jesus Christ. She said that singing Christmas carols, including Bosch Puri Vinnie, is one of the oldest and most popular Christmas songs in Ukraine, and is part of the meal.

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