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dress every day

There are a small village in England, a group of women who are very fashionable and beautiful are living in there, although it is far for them from home to the town or the city center, but it still can not stop their heart to sinking fashion and beauty, each of them are like to dress well very much, even on The day there is nothing to do or have task  to finish, they even do not go out, but they will still makeup and have a beautiful dress which will let them look so beautiful, the action— wearing beautiful clothes, which is their daily concept in the way of fashion . There was a reporter interviewed one of the woman in the village, asked her how to dress up, what dress make them look so beautiful, the woman is  replied very frankly, well, you know, in fact, there is no Professional knowledge of this, that is just like our ordinary People who are hungry and they want to have food,as the same, this is a very natural thing, one day I have tried  not to wear as formal, but that day is very difficult for me when I spent, I feel the body is uncomfortable, until the afternoon, I Began to dress up with exquisite clothing, my feeling of uneasy in heart which began to calm down, this is a magic for me, so since that day, I began to be serious to dress up and have my own makeup and dress, Because it will make me very confident,  other people in the village have the same idea with me probably, which is simply that they just want to be more satisfied  with their overall mixture, who said the woman have to dress up for others? We are aiming to make ourselves more satisfied.

In all the dress, the skirt is a more lovely choice, many people will be likely very much to wear a skirt, because it is very wild in Collocation, because the reasons of geographical climate , they are not generally wearing a few skirt, but also will choose Dressed in a jacket or take a good quality coat outside, so as to withstand the occasional wind and sudden air of cold, so that they will not feel cold.

If we have the thoughts of them, then we will keep a pleasant mood every day, so, we must learn to wear, we should first choose a beautiful skirt, this is the foundation, and then choose a type and texture Of the jacket, such as windbreaker and jacket, think about,  is that not immediately improve the temperament and make yourself more charming and confident?

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