my story of dress

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my story of dress

I tell you about my own story, It is related to clothes, if you are interested in it, then you can continue to read it. One night, my cousin, who is a few years older than me and then play at my home, she wore a leaf coat with lotus collar, the material is corduroy, the color is red black and white, It is very cute in style. I suddenly felt the doll shirt worn by her is too naive, and I was thinking: maybe I am more appropriate to wear than her, suddenly I have an ideal, I want to take my mother’s windbreaker as a change for that coat, but I was afraid to start the talk with her, which can make me embarrassed, then open the cabinet quietly and take out the windbreaker let her have a try. the skin of cousin is very white, although she is not tall, the strange thing is that she looks not ugly actually when she is wearing, suddenly cousin smiled, nothing said. I do not know whether she had understood my hint, I did not have the courage to say that sentence that is I just want to have a change with her, but finally I put the clothes back silently.

My mother likes to buy clothes in her daily life, but she is tall than me, who always buy a lot of clothes, if she is wearing in inappropriate or small size, she would give them to me. There is also a reason that children will grow up, who can not wear the suitable clothes in the next year. So my mother often buys kinds of clothes, the dress of heap which is pulled out as a lower piece, if it appropriate, she will buy it.

I used to wear a fur black jacket, the zipper can not pull simply and fat for me particularly. I once thought that my body is too bad, there are no suitable clothes for me, until I met a mellow student in school who dress decent and generous, only to find suitable clothes – everyone has their own clothes originally. The classmate feels much better, and I across the gap of puberty with her. So today I share the experience of my childhood with you through my own story, in this story, the most important thing is that I want to tell you, buy clothes must suitable for you own.

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