Get Active Instantly in The Jumpsuit

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Get Active Instantly in The Jumpsuit

It has been found that the clothes we wear can change our attitudes. Therefore what we wear for our workout can have an impact on our motivation and fitness goals. When we wear cute workout clothes, we are more inclined to be active and confident. As such it is no wonder that chic sports bras and leggings with scrunch bum have become very popular at the gyms.

If you feel like splurging on some activewear but are not sure what to get, well, you will be glad to know that there is a new trend that is fast becoming a workout closet staple – shapewear jumpsuits. So what exactly is a shapewear jumpsuit? Also known as a bodysuit or onesie, this garment is all-in-one clothing that is best for Pilates, yoga, cycling and even running. Activewear no longer stops at sports bras, tank tops, shorts, and leggings. What’s best about shapewear jumpsuits is that it is very versatile and comfortable. There is a wide array of shaping jumpsuits or bodysuits at Shapellx, one of the best shapewear brands that offers a variety of flattering foundation wear for any occasion. Made using sustainable materials and high-quality fabrics, each product is curated to provide a solution for every outfit in every woman’s closet.

Top Workout Bodysuits To Embrace The Shapewear Jumpsuit Trend

These performance jumpsuits from Shapellx are ideal for low-impact and high-intensity activities. They can also be worn beyond the gym and it all depends on how you accessorize it. Layer it with a white button-down or hoodie and sneakers for your next grocery run or elevate the long versions with heels. To summarize, there are no limits as to how you want to wear your shapewear jumpsuits. Most importantly, find one that is comfortable and works for you.

Shop the best shapewear jumpsuit options below.

AirSlim® Classic Swallow Gird Shaping Jumpsuit

A long jumpsuit is a classic, one-and-done piece that will contour your body from head to toe. This long-sleeved-shaping jumpsuit boasts a stylish houndstooth pattern and is made from comfortable and stretchy fabric that helps to define curves. It has a shaping mesh-lined waist and tummy that create a slim shape. The specially designed rear-enhancing style allows you to flaunt your curves. While the main purpose of a jumpsuit is to exercise in them the one like this is stylish enough for other activities that can take you from the studio to the street. 

AirSlim® Full-Length Yoga Jumpsuit

This full-length jumpsuit’s form-fitting silhouette is ideal for workouts and offers a snug fit and unrestrictive movement. The wide straps offer support and enhanced comfort. The peach-shaped buttocks design enhances the derriere curves. This shaping jumpsuit comes in bronze green, black and ivory. 

PowerConceal™ Seamless Yoga Shorts Jumpsuit

When it comes to workout clothes, you can’t go wrong with this seamless short yoga jumpsuit. It has a form-fitting style that offers a snug fit. Made from super soft fabric, it is breathable and comfortable to wear with ease. The unique peach-shaped buttock design enhances the natural curves.  This style is cool enough for after a workout too. 

PowerConceal™ Seamless High Stretchy Jumpsuit

A tasteful take from the classic bodysuit, this piece features a cutout cardigan for more coverage, making it a statement-making outfit. It has a double-layer fabric on the chest for opacity. This ribbed textured jumpsuit has a reinforced waist and abdomen that enhance the shaping effects. It is soft against the skin and hugs the curves without feeling restrictive.

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