5 Easy Ways To Instantly Look More Fashionable

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5 Easy Ways To Instantly Look More Fashionable

Looking fashionable doesn`t mean you have to have famous statement pieces that will rob your wallet and bank. You can easily look fashionable with just basic clothing items and appropriate accessories. Here are some tips on how you can instantly look more fashionable with basic items that are both affordable and stylish:


Layering is a really easy way to instantly upgrade a plain look. You can choose from a long cardigan, a white denim jacket or a plaid one-button blazer. Layering instantly creates a style which suits your personality.

If you want to look more casual and cozy, opt for a warm cardigan. If you want to rock a street style, opt for a denim jacket and a pair of high waist jeans.

Statement Pieces

Even if you`re wearing the most plain and boring clothes or complementary items, you can instantly upgrade the look with a statement piece. The statement piece can be a jewelry, a dress or a pair of shoes.

For accessories, make sure that your jewelries match. If you want gold, stick with it. They don`t have to look alike but the metal must match for a more cohesive outfit and look.

For your clothes, opt for one clothing item which can be your statement piece like a glittery dress paired with simple accessories. This way, your clothes and accessories don`t look too overwhelming together.

Tuck your Shirt

One of the most popular ways to look extra stylish is to tuck your shirt or blouse to your high waist pants. This creates the illusion of longer legs and cinched waist. This is an easy way to amp up your over-all look.

There are different ways on how you can tuck your shirt. If you`re wearing a button up shirt, you can have one side tucked in and the other down. If you`re wearing a simply top, you can tie it in the middle and tuck into your jeans or slacks.

Accessorize Well

Accessorizing well is an easy way to put life in your over-all outfit. You can invest on classic statement accessories which will immediately upgrade your casual outfit without putting too much effort.

Having one uniquely-designed bag or a pair of shoes can help upgrade a plain outfit. You can opt to get only a few statement pieces which you can incorporate in your outfit as they`re mainly to add personality to your look.

Invest on Versatile Pieces

If you want to look fabulous long-term, don’t go for very trendy pieces which are most likely to die from popularity. Always go for clothing items which will last for a very long time like a little black dress, button-front jackets and nude pumps.

Investing in high quality yet versatile pieces will help you save money at the same time keep timeless pieces that are both fashionable and elegant.

Layering, having a statement clothing item, tucking your shirt, accessorizing well and investing in versatile pieces will help you create outfits which shows your style, creativity and personality that will instantly make you look chic and stylish.

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