Hairstyles for V-neck Dress

Hairstyles for V-neck Dress
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Hairstyles for V-neck Dress

Hairstyles can be the epitome of your outfits. Whether you opt to leave your hair open or tie them in simple buns, the choice of hairstyle depends upon the outfit you are sporting.

One of the elements to factor in when making a hairstyle is the type of neckline you have. Depending on this the hairstyles choices can easily be narrowed down to a few amongst the hundreds.

So, for example, if you are opting for a high neck, it will probably be best to pair it with a high ponytail to show off your collars.  

Similarly, when we talk about pairing hairstyles with a V-neck – the choices somehow become difficult. So, to make matters easy for you, here are some hairstyles you can easily sport with a V-neckline.

Half Down – Half Up

The V-neckline is best when you are in the mood to show some skin and cleavage. When going out to events where you feel the most confident and at your best, you want to make sure that everything is going perfectly.

The half-up and down hairstyle can be the best in events like these. Providing a regal and sophisticated look, the hairstyle provides different dimensions.

The half-up part makes sure that the neckline that you desired is seen, pulling the hair away from the face leaving the front empty. While the half-down at the back gives a soft and angelic look.

With this type of hairstyle, easy waves and braids can be added to provide a chicer look.

Easy Buns

Buns are great at gathering hair away from the shoulders and the face. When wearing a v-neckline that has pretty and delicate details you want your hair to be away from it so that the details that are so important are on display.

With buns, this can be achieved. Whether you opt for a braided bun or as we like to call it – a brun or the more classic bun, the v-neckline will go nicely with it.

Buns can easily be formed using bobby pins for their security and if you want to take it a further step, use a donut to get that perfect round shape.

As buns take the hair away from the shoulders and the face, adding elegant earrings will also elevate the whole look of the outfit.

Leaving out a few strands from the front and curling them would give you the whole princess vibe.

Side Swept

Sometimes updos or even just adding bobby pins can seem hectic, when you want your hair on display as well as the V-neckline. Now when this happens, we have the perfect hairstyle for you.

A simple side-swept hairstyle. All you will need to do is add texture to your hair by either curling or blow-drying it and then maybe adding a little volume on top by back-combing – unless you think that’s too 2000s. The last step would just be piling your hair onto one side – whichever you prefer.

This will allow you to have your hair on display as well as give the V-neckline its moment.


When you opt to wear a v-neckline, you wear it intending to exude confidence and for this to effortlessly occur, you need your hair tamed either up or down.

With our suggestion, you don’t need to choose between your hair and your neckline, both can have their little moments!

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