How Do I Care for Coloured Hair?

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How Do I Care for Coloured Hair?

You spend so much money for hair dye or getting your hair done at the salon, and naturally you would want it to always look as if it was freshly done. However, it’s not easy to maintain chemically-treated hair since they tend to be more sensitive to getting damaged. Here are some tips on how you can prolong the brilliance and bounce of your colored hair:

Tip 1: Wait for 3-5 Days Before Washing Freshly-Colored Hair

Your chemically-treated hair is more sensitive and prone to damage, hence it’s highly necessary for you to give it time to settle.

Tip 2: Use Color-Safe Shampoos and Hair Products

Avoid using hair products that will strip your hair of its natural oils such as those with sulfates and alcohol.

Tip 3: Keep Your Hair Bouncy and Shiny with Leave-On Treatments

The key to having stunning colored hair is to keep its vibrancy with appropriate hair conditioning. Wash your hair less, and use hair moisturizers. The drier your hair gets, the more the color will fade easily.

You may also put leave-on conditioners or do hot oil treatments to keep the color in your hair. As much as possible, avoid having dry hair by using less heat such as blow dryers or heat curling irons. If you must style your hair, opt for a warm or cold setting.

Tip 4: Give Your Hair Extra Care with Hair Supplements

Vitamin C and Biotin are excellent supplements that will aid in promoting gorgeous locks. You can get topical hair supplements or vitamins you can take orally for beauty inside and out.

Tip 5: Avoid Harsh Chemicals Like Chlorine

Avoid harsh chemicals that will further damage your hair, especially during summer when you want to dip in the pool where there’s Chlorine.

Tip 6: Condition Your Hair with Hair Masks

It`s a given that when you do any color treatment to your hair, the possibility of your drying out is imminent. However, you can combat this by ensuring that you give your hair some tender loving care, using hair serums, overnight repair masks, and color repair masks.

Color Lustre Treatment Mask for Color Treated Hair

Tip 7: Regularly Trim Your Hair

Jaguar Satin – Thinning Scissors

No matter how beautiful your hair is, if there are uneven ends or split ends, they can easily ruin the beauty of your crowning glory. Keep your hair healthy and looking great by trimming at least an inch or two every 1-2 months, or according to the pace of your hair growth. You can trim your hair yourself so you can save some money by investing in a great pair of scissors.

These simple tips will help prolong the vibrancy and healthy-look of your hair. Getting personalized tips from your hairstylist will also help you to know the do’s and don’ts of your new hair-do. The key points to remember in taking great care of your hair are to avoid anything that will make your hair dry, always condition your hair, and trim appropriately.

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