How to Apply the Blush That Best Suits Your Face Shape

How to Apply the Blush That Best Suits Your Face Shape
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How to Apply the Blush That Best Suits Your Face Shape

Makeup techniques are a real art

At the beginning of my makeup journey I used only a few products. These were powder, lipstick and mascara. I thought that was enough. However, as I learned more and more, I realized that makeup is a real art. How many tricks and tips are there? Makeup can completely change the look of the face. The amazing transformations made me fall in love with the makeup process. I bought more and more products and watched different tutorials. Now makeup is my big passion. I wear makeup every morning for several reasons. I have better makeup on myself and I am full of self-confidence. And I enjoy the make-up process while drinking my first-morning coffee. Do you have this routine too?

Blush for a fresher look

I didn’t always use blush. I underestimated his power. I thought it didn’t affect the overall look of the face so much. However, I was wrong. In makeup classes, I learned the value of blush and how to apply it properly. I tell you makeup is one little science to learn. But when you master some things, you will be overjoyed with the results. You know when we put on make-up and still look tired? It was a miracle to achieve a fresher look.

Tricks that work wonders

Until I saw the make-up girls live, I didn’t believe in the power of blush. Apart from making a difference in the appearance and freshness of the face, there are also many application techniques. It doesn’t matter how you put on the blush. Honestly, sometimes it’s better not to put it on than to put it wrong. In this post, I will try to reveal some tricks that helped me a lot.

For every face shape, there is a proper application of blush

Exactly. You know there are several face shapes. These are round, oval, elongated (oblong), cuboidal, and heart-shaped. You will not believe how much the blush applied in specific places is affected. First, I advise you to determine the shape of your face. And then in the next step to try to apply blush by listening to these tips. I can’t wait for you to share your impressions. I’m sure the tricks will help you get the best version of yourself with makeup.

Oval face

They say that the oval face is the most appreciative shape of the face. He doesn’t need a lot of correction, so mostly all the makeup suits him well. If you have this face shape you are really lucky. It is best to apply the blush a little above the cheekbone. Or even to fix the cheeks. You can try different variants. And see what works best for you. Basically, no big mistake.

Round face

A round face actually needs to be narrowed in order to look visually elongated. That sounds logical. As for the blush, his role would be just that. Blush should be applied under the cheekbones. And it would be best to go a little oblique. When applying, apply from the ears to the nose. Avoid putting too close to the nose.

Oblong face

The oblong face is elongated and the reverse process applies. It needs to be shortened. Here is the best way to apply blush along the cheekbone.

Square face

This face shape needs to be narrowed, as well as a round face. However, this face shape can sometimes seem quite rough. Our goal is to make the blush softer and more feminine. We will achieve this if we put the blush more in the middle of the cheek, towards the nose.

Heart face

This is the most difficult form of face makeup. I struggled for a long time about the best way to put on makeup. I watched various makeup experts and learned from them. In this case, a few things need to be done. Narrow your forehead, because it’s big. And expand the part where the jaw is, because that part is narrow. In this case, it is also best to put blush in the middle of the cheek.

I hope you find these tips as useful as I am. You will see how these tricks get a whole new look. And what a secret it is in blush and proper application. You can completely transform your face and make a better change.

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