How to Choose a Bracelet That Suits You?

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How to Choose a Bracelet That Suits You?

If most of the jewelry is easy to choose and fit, hand bracelets are one of those exceptional pieces, that need a special approach. Just like rings, bracelets need a thorough fit and picking. Choosing the right bracelet can be just as challenging, especially when there are so many gorgeous gems on the market and so many hot trends. So, how to choose a bracelet that suits you, how to fit it, and what trend to follow in the upcoming season? Stay tuned to find out!

Stack Bracelets

Layering, matching, and mixing colors in one outfit is the next level of fashion skills. And what about jewelry matching? It is just as hard, or maybe even harder task to execute. But, doesn’t it look fantastic? In the new 2021 year, bracelet stacking will be just as fresh in fashion as many years ago. Stack a whole bunch of different bracelets, that have similar motives, or made of the same metal for a balanced fashion result.

Pearly Pearls

Beaded bracelets have always been a classic in the jewelry world. They look simple, versatile and they fit absolutely everyone. One of the biggest advantages of beaded bracelets lays in one feature – you can roll the layers of those appealing beads one by one, even if the size doesn’t fit you well. Another con is that you can wear them on your neck. Will it be natural pearls, metallic or raw gems is for you to choose.

Silver Elegance

Silver is timeless, that’s why many designers made it their metal of choice for 2021. Unlike yellowish gold, silver looks more calm and elegant on the skin and you can shape it in various forms and designs. Silver will fit cool-toned babes, those who have pale skin and dark hair. Wear such an elegant silver bracelet in winter with simple outfits, to give them a more interesting look.

The Pop Of Color

The next trend will be dearly loved by those fashionistas, who think that colors are their best friends. Colorful band, sprinkled with gems, rhinestones and other beauty spices are going to be on-trend the next season. And, don’t assume that you are going to wear these popping bracelets only during the hot seasons of the year. Wear them all year round for an ultimate boost of your mood.


Chains have been seen everywhere this year. From necklines of celebrities to high-school girls’hair. Luckily for all of those, who just get their first chained jewelry, the next 2021 year won’t be different. The chain trend is going to stay with us for some time yet.


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