How to Dress for Office Christmas Party: Outfit Ideas

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How to Dress for Office Christmas Party: Outfit Ideas

The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality to people around you. Office Christmas Party is one of those rare occasions when you get the opportunity to show your colleagues the flamboyant side of your personality. Every year, most companies celebrate Christmas with full pomp and show. It is the time to explore new themes and styles and reveal to the professional world your true colours.

The following mentioned are few tips on what to wear to a Christmas party hosted by office management and holiday party outfits.

Dress according to the party theme: Most Christmas parties do have a party theme. It is always great to abide by the theme even when it may seem a bit different to you. Dress according to the theme of the party. If, in case, you are asked to come in fancy attire, then give it a try even though you may look odd. Fancy dress competitions are very common in Christmas parties held in companies. You can look for better fancy dress ideas online and try something really innovative.

On the other hand, if you are supposed to come in formals, then opt for black outfits. Companies that adhere to formals even during office get together, always accept the black suit attires. Women may choose to wear black skirts or gowns that go well with the Christmas theme.


Spend some time to groom yourself: The morning is the best time to groom yourself for the Christmas party. The party may start immediately after the work gets over. So, you may not get the sufficient time to change your Christmas outfits when you realize that you have a few days old stubble. Hence, you need to shave and groom in the morning itself. Women can try some stylish hairstyle that goes with their office persona as well as the party look. Make sure your Christmas clothes are well ironed and your shoes are perfectly polished. Do not wait until the last moment to purchase tissues, sanitizer, napkins, deodorants and combs. Make sure you have them all before you head for the office.


Add a touch of casual air to your outfit: Parties and get together are the rare occasions when you get to dress a little casually. Never leave this wonderful opportunity you have got. Though you need to follow a set of dress codes for the office Christmas party, you can add more life to the event by dressing casually. A tie with a shade of sheen can help you stand out from others. But make sure that you don’t turn up in a bold outfit which would be more appropriate for some other occasion. While you do add a casual touch, an excess of it may get you noticed for the wrong reasons.


Select the attire you would wear: Well, it is quite possible that you have a wardrobe full of the best clothes but not one goes with the theme of the party. For instance, if the party theme is red and black and if you do not have both these colours, you may have to go for shopping. If you have an overstocked wardrobe, then you will need to plan a couple of days before you dress for Christmas party. Otherwise, you may be shocked to find that your favourite suit needs a pressing at the last moment.


Due to all these reasons, it is always wise to plan a bit earlier. Enquire about the dress code in advance to ensure that you turn up in an appropriate attire. You may also discuss with your colleagues and team mates to find out what they are planning to wear for the occasion. It will help you get an idea what will be the appropriate outfit or attire.


Don’t opt for attires that you normally wear: If you usually wear formals to work, ensure that you don’t turn up for the party in one of them. Rather, use the dress code to select the best dress for the Christmas party. Make it a point to pick a casual outfit that suits you well and do not go for something in which you appear out of shape.


You need to consider many different aspects like your height, weight, complexion and base style before you pick your outfit for the party. You must wear something in which you look impressive. Do not wear something extremely figure hugging but avoid the loose and lousy outfits too. It is a knack to be able to select an outfit that suits you right.


Carry a stain remover: You may have dressed in the perfect attire and turned up at the party looking smart and handsome. This does not mean that your perfect looks are going to last for eternity. Just a little accident like spilling of drinks on your shirt or a collision with someone while you are sipping coffee can ruin your outfit within moments. To make sure that a stain doesn’t become a cause of embarrassment for you, carry a stain remover in your pocket to get rid of it.


It is always a great idea to go prepared for such unexpected happenings. In large parties, these incidents are common and only the unwise disregard such possibilities.


Tone down your outfit according to your style: During parties and get together, there are no written rules. Though Christmas is a time for merriment, you are still representing your company. There is still an unwritten code of conduct you need to follow. So avoid wearing skimpy outfits. Go for an attire which goes well with your personality. You may opt for casual attire but it should still be respectable.


The same rule applies for makeup. You need to pick makeup that is beautiful but not too loud. It should be used to accentuate your beauty only.


Go for attires which make you feel comfortable: Comfort is a major aspect that decides how you feel in an attire. If you are not comfortable in an attire, you can never enjoy the party. Don’t go for apparels that are too tight. Instead, go for the ones which make you feel at home so that you can enjoy the party.


Similarly, do not go for fancy dresses with protruding edges or excess decoration. It may make you feel awkward and prevent you from enjoying the moment to the fullest.


Choose accessories that go well with your apparel: This is a rule that applies to both men and women. A stylish accessory can give a perfect finishing touch to your look. Therefore, opt for the ones which go well with the type of dress you wear. Men who are wearing some fancy attires that go with a funky theme should opt for an equally funky watch, headband, mobile cover or bag. These are accessories that are noticed just as much as your attire. So make sure you pay attention to these two.


Women have multiple options of accessories for Christmas theme parties. They can opt for reindeer themed anklets, horn shaped earrings or necklaces in cherry theme. Both men and women can opt to wear Christmas hat or reindeer horns on their head.


Go for a traditional outfit if you are unsure: Confidence is the key to looking good and casting an impression. If you are not confident in a modern and stylish outfit, you need to think twice before wearing it. Individuals who are not comfortable wearing modern western outfits appear nervous and strained all through the party. If you have some doubts which loom in your mind, then opt for traditional outfits to be on the safe side. But make sure that you don’t dress in a funny manner that makes you uncomfortable all through.


Other Tips for Office Christmas Parties: Apart from the way you dress, there are some other things you need to keep in mind while heading for an office Christmas party. Here are some tips that will help you:


Participate in Games: If you are heading for a Christmas office party, make sure you participate in all the games and be an active member. These things are usually noticed and you are regarded smart and enthusiastic if you participate. So never be the dull person who just plays the audience in all parties.

Be on Time: Being punctual counts not just in an office day but also during parties. Do not be late for a party. You need to respect time even during occasions and events like these.

Your Manners Matter: While an office party or get together is not a professional event, your code of conduct matters here too. All your bosses and seniors would be attending the party and observing you at every point. Hence, even in the party, you need to be well behaved and well mannered.

Office Christmas party is the time when office people get to interact informally and know each other better. Now if you are confused about Christmas dresses to choose, then above mentioned are few Christmas party outfit ideas. So dress well, be smart and create the right and lasting impression on all those around you.

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