Some Tips for Indian style Holiday season and Christmas Party Dresses.

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Some Tips for Indian style Holiday season and Christmas Party Dresses.

Christmas is sassy, New Year is fun, and well, the holiday season is simply gorgeous. The weather, the bonhomie, the cheer, and warmth all around and the awesome parties – everything is stunning about December. And, of course, there’s the thrilling anticipation of a brand New year! Are you too all primped up to party and enjoy this fun-nest time of the year to the hilt? After all, dressing up is so much fun – and in Indian weather – this, in fact, is the time, when you can finally groom and preen without worrying about heat and sweat!


We know you invariably pull out (or better still, buy) a stash of gowns, dresses, western formal wear, suits and swirly skirts for your Christmas, New Year and holiday parties. But, we would like to give a happy twist to some of your plans this year. How? By suggesting some lovely ways to incorporate smart and trendy Indian wear in your Christmas day and party dressing! It’s practical too – after all, not all of you pretty women may be comfy in western-wear, and also because you can’t always wear an evening gown to your office Christmas party, or for a get-together that involves the entire family. Plus, when almost everyone is flouncing around in western dresses, imagine how gorgeously you will stand out in an elegant, sensuous saree!! Still thinking? Well, here are some intelligent suggestions and fashion tips that will let you enjoy Indian style Christmas dressing


Best Christmas Party Dresses

  1. Introduce Indian Elements
  2. If you don’t wish to go the whole Indian way, consider introducing Indian elements to your Christmas party dress or a holiday season party outfit. You can add an Indian waist-coat or a small embroidered jacket to a flared LBD, or add brocade trousers to a frilly top or stylish tunic
  3. You can introduce Indian elements by adding Indian style accessories only, like Indian justice with a dress, adding bangles and an embroidered clutch to your gown ensemble. But, that won’t be true blue Indian style. So, be a little more experimental and pair a short Indian tunic with a western skirt or trousers – and see how you grab eyeballs!


  1. Indo-Western Fusion-wear
  2. Indo- Western outfits and fusion-wear is in-vogue right now! This fashion aspect will be a huge bonus when you plan your Christmas dress for an Indian-themed party. Palazzo suites, Trousers Suits, Indo-Western gowns, fusion Anarkali suits – all will come to your aid! You can choose a gown-style floor-length Indian suit or a gown with Indian embroidery and styling.
  3. Keep it Simple

The Western sensibilities find the Indian ethnic styling and colors a bit too strong. So, if you are going to a Christmas party with a typically western vibe – keep things simple! Stick to one key bling element. How? Wear an all blingy golden dress or Indian suit, but keep accessories low key. You may even wear a chic party-wear saree in much loved Christmas red, but then ensure you keep the borders and blouse neutral – or as simple as possible. Similarly, don’t mix too many boisterous colors!

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