How to Organize Makeup in Your Dresser?

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How to Organize Makeup in Your Dresser?

Anyone who uses makeup in their day-to-day life considers their vanity one of their most visited spots in the house. No matter how dear your makeup collection is to you, it’s easy for it to get cluttered and hard to look through.

We know, you’ve been wanting to declutter and organize those expensive and beloved products for a while but you just can’t figure out how. Well, you’re at just the right place.

We’re here with a complete guide on how to organize your makeup in your dresser in a quick, easy, and accessible way. Once you follow these rules to organize your vanity, it’ll become very hard for your makeup to declutter again.

1 Clear Acrylic Containers:

The first thing to shop for while organizing your makeup is a bunch of clear acrylic containers. These containers are easily available on Amazon and have spaces for tubes, pencils, brushes, lipsticks, palettes, and much more.

It’s best to categorize makeup by the type of product it is; keep all your foundations and concealers together and all your liners and pencils in one place. Dedicate your drawers to pigments, separate eyeshadow, or crème eyeliners.

2 Brush Holders:

We would never recommend pushing your makeup brushes into a drawer or group them along with your liners, pencils, and other tools such as your lash curler or your spoolies.

Invest in a few brush holders or just DIY any old cups or glasses as they’ll go a long way in organizing. Make sure to keep your used brushes in one holder and your clean brushes in another; you’ll thank us later.

3 Everyday Makeup:

The makeup you use for your everyday look, for work, school, or just a casual day out, should be more accessible.

You shouldn’t have to look through a pile of lipsticks just to find your daily pink shade, which is why we have a solution. Collect all your everyday makeup (lightweight foundation and concealer, mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and bronzer) and put it into a sufficient makeup bag.

4 Palettes and Eye Makeup:

Now, let’s move on to organizing the palettes. All you have to do is file your palettes like you would organize your work documents!

Buy a clear acrylic palette organizer and place all your most used ones in there. Not only is it a beautifully neat look, it’s also much more convenient than stacking all your palettes on top of each other.

5 Nail Polishes:

Last but not least, let’s admit that organizing your nail polishes can be tricky and we always just end up leaving them out on dresser to take up space.

Well, we’ve got the perfect solution! Buy a clear cookie container to store all your nail polish and have quick and easy access to all of them.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind while cleaning up your makeup and you’ll surely end up with an organized and welcoming dresser. All you have to do is invest in some sturdy containers and organizers and you’re good to go. Happy cleaning!

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