How to Style a Floral Dress

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How to Style a Floral Dress

Floral prints have always been a popular trend and looking at its popularity now, there`s no saying when it`ll eventually go out of style. We can`t blame the fashionistas though. Floral prints are absolutely beautiful and versatile.

Floral dresses are excellent clothing items you can keep in your wardrobe. There are many ways to style one, and accessorizing appropriately can definitely help you in achieving the look you want to go for.

Here are some style inspiration and tips in wearing floral dresses:

Casual and Day Wear

You can find a simple sleeveless floral dress so you can easily do layering in case the weather becomes a bit chilly. Match this clothing item using the main colors of the dress and find a pair of studded flat sandals or platform sandals to wear with this dress.

For the bag, you can simply carry a straw or woven bag. It`s neutral color makes it a perfect match for the dress to wear in the day.

Accessorize this with gold or rose gold jewelry. Make sure that you also use simple jewelry as to not make the entire outfit look overly done and chaotic. You can opt to choose a pair of simple studs or drop earrings, a three-layer necklace, a simple bangle, and a watch.

Fashionable in Floral


There are floral dresses with uncommon designs just like Zara`s Knit Floral Dress. This type of dress can be worn in a more formal setting. Its design is absolutely stunning and has a unique twist compared to commonly seen floral designs.

Wear this type of floral dress with a pair of pointed heels or strappy heels and thicker jewelry. Check jewelry with big pendants or thick chains. You can have a bracelet and also add a watch.

Floral dresses are absolutely great clothing items you can have in your wardrobe capsule. If you`re into minimalism, don`t worry! There are a ton of minimalist floral designed clothing that you can find online. Floral design has a diverse style and there are almost no rules in how you can wear them.

Making sure that your outfit looks cohesive through matching and form-fitting clothing pieces, and appropriate accessories can make you feel even more confident to face the day with your trendy and fashionable style.

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