How to Wear Shapewear Correctly and Stay Confident Throughout the Day

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How to Wear Shapewear Correctly and Stay Confident Throughout the Day

Shapewear has risen to become a wardrobe staple for those who want a smooth silhouette. There are many types of shapewear styles available such as waist cinchers, thigh slimmers, and derriere lifters and more. The options may seem endless and not forgetting, the different compression levels and the hook and eye closures that go into making thee body-hugging foundation.

That being said, there is no need to let shapewear overwhelm you. With proper tips, wearing sustainable shapewear will be a walk in the park. If you are worried about making mistakes, here are some tips on how to avoid that so that you wear the shapewear and flaunt your curves with confidence. 

1. Avoid Shapewear Lines

Choose seamless shapewear that are specially constructed to hide the seams and hems. The seams of the undergarments are where lines tend to be most visible. The inner seams connect the fabric pieces and have raw edge that are folded over and sewn through. This will result in thick and visible edge underneath the clothes. With seamless shapewear, the edges are thin and flat, and are hardly noticeable.

2. Prevent Rolling Down

Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly adjust the body shaper. The waist of the shaping shorts may roll down, or the legs may roll up. This means that your garment either is designed poorly or does not fit well. The solution is to make sure that you are wearing the correct size and that your shapewear is designed to stay firmly in place. Also ensure that the shapewear sits nicely on your derriere. If the garment is sitting too low around the rear, it will naturally drag it down.

3. Choose The Right Style For Your Body Type

Shapewear is designed to control, lift, enhance or smooth out various areas of the body. By knowing your body type, you can prevent yourself from choosing a foundation wear that does not address your needs. High quality and well-designed shapewear can accentuate your best asset certain areas of the body while downplaying others. For example, women with hourglass body shape will have large bust, narrow waist and curvy hips. A shapewear that emphasizes the waist and smooths out the hip area is a suitable choice. Determining your body shape will enable you to choose a piece that serves your needs.

4. Sacrificing Comfort For Style 

Another common mistake is putting style and appearance before own comfort. If you want to wear shapewear on a regular basis, it is important to get something that is breathable and that you enjoy wearing.

5. Bunching Up

A good quality shapewear will stay in place throughout the day. When bunching up occur, it means that the shapewear does not fit well, is of poor quality or wearing out. As such, it is important to choose the right size of shapewear that is made with high quality fabric.

6. Using One Style of Body Shaper for All of Your Outfits

Another common mistake is wearing the same shapewear with every outfit. Not all types of shapewear are compatible with every outfit. For example, a pair of butt lifting underwear may be more suitable than a bodysuit if you are wearing a casual skirt with a flowy top. You would be more comfortable and get the support you are looking for. Using the same piece of shapewear with every outfit means it will also wear out very quickly. To avoid this, consider a selection of shapewear to find the suitable style for each outfit.

7. Not Washing The Shapewear  

It is important to keep your shapewear clean and taken care of properly. Wash your shapewear in cold, soapy water, rinse, and dry under the sun for a few hours. To get the most out of your foundation wear, avoid harsh washing powders or liquids. Wash your shapewear separately from another clothing item for durability. 

With the above tips, you are all set to add some shapewear into your closet so there is no better time to keep a lookout for shapewear sale than now.  You can eliminate the common problems by choosing high quality shapewear that fits well and taking good care of it.

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