How to Treat & Prevent Dry Skin Around Your Eyes

How to Treat & Prevent Dry Skin Around Your Eyes
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How to Treat & Prevent Dry Skin Around Your Eyes

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Dry skin around your eyes can be very uncomfortable and usually happens because of dry weather, aging, or general lifestyle issues like diets. This would cause wrinkles and skin to peel off as the skin around your eyes is very sensitive, causing it to be hard to maintain. In this article, we’ll be exploring ways to treat and prevent such things from happening. Say goodbye to dehydrated skin, and hello to a nourished one!

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Ways to Heal Parched Skin:

  1. Apply Eye Cream: Put an eye cream with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc as these help to attract and contain moisture. Make sure to apply carefully as if it goes into your eye, it will cause major irritation
  2. Cold Compress: Cold water is known to hydrate your skin. Using a cold, damp cloth and resting it on your eyes can help restore the oils and reduce puffiness
  3. Avoid Touching: Though it feels so tempting to scratch or rub the damaged skin, always try to limit yourself from touching this area as it would just cause more problems
  4. Keep Your Body Hydrated: It seems out of place, but dryness around any part of your body can be because of a lack of water. Remember to drink lots of water to avoid such problems
  5. Use A Humidifier: A humidifier is meant to moisturize the dry environment, mostly during winter and fall. Using a humidifier would be useful for healing the broken skin.
  6. Eye Masks: Try using eye masks or patches that include ingredients like aloe vera as it helps hydrate the skin and soothe the skin.
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Techniques to Avoid Brittle Skin:

  1. Avoid Hot Water: Since cold water is known to hydrate, hot water is known to remove all oils from your skin. This is why it is suggested to stay away from hot water.
  2. Protection from the Sun: Applying sunscreen and shielding them from sunlight is recommended as it stops the sun’s rays from harming your skin.
  3. Good Diet: Dryness around the eyes is mostly caused because of an improper and unhealthy diet. It’s necessary to include vitamins and minerals, especially ones that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
  4. Regular Moisturisation: Whether you think your skin is dry or not, use a hydrating eye cream daily to block possible chances of getting dry skin.
  5. Cutoff Caffeine: Even though coffee and other things that contain caffeine are majorly addicting, excessive amounts of it can cause dehydration, resulting in obvious dried and damaged skin.
  6. Gentle Makeup Removers: Using an oil-based makeup remover while removing makeup can help as harsh makeup removers cause the skin to worsen but oil-based ones hydrate the skin.
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If your condition gets worse, it’s advised to visit a dermatologist and seek professional help. However, make sure to always take care of your skin and your diet with it. We hope this article helped you understand how to prevent and treat dry skin around your eyes!

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