Leann Rimes new Christmas movie, music and travel

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Leann Rimes new Christmas movie, music and travel


LeAnn Rimes is preparing for the busy holiday season, launching her new Hallmark channel movie It’s Christmas, Eve, followed by her sixth holiday tour. Rimes has just released It’s Christmas, Eve soundtrack, including three new original Christmas songs.

“I have a lot of things between movies and concerts,” Rimes told Taste of Country. “I am very happy that people can see this movie and come out.”

In this new film, Rimes plays Eve Morgan, a temporary supervisor of travel, responsible for solving budget problems in schools across the country. When she returned home to make budget cuts for her childhood school, old dramas would soon appear.

“My character is very smart, but she has been away from things in her childhood,” Remus said. “When she got home, she would be slapped and had to deal with it.”

This is Christmas, and Eve is the executive producer of Rimes for the first time as a film project. “This is definitely the most involved in my role,” she said. “Being an executive producer is something I really like. Hallmark is very open to what I want to talk about and what is important to me.”

Some of these subjects include the importance of mixing families and maintaining music at school. Like most original holiday movies on Hallmark, it is Christmas and Eve combines musical performances. But Rice pointed out that the film itself is not a “musical drama.”

“I really don’t want to hit that on the nose,” she said, adding music to the movie. The film incorporates Rimes’ new songs into the story rather than breaking through the songs and dances.

“My character’s hobby is a school music teacher with a daughter in the school,” she said, as a catalyst for some of the music in the movie. In another scene, Eve Morgan’s stepfather sang a new original “Your Love Gift” with her mother. Remus said she wants emotional moments to blend seamlessly with some interesting moments.

“Overall, I am very dramatic,” Lyme said with a smile. “No, I really don’t, but I did cry a lot, and I have a lot of emotions during the performance – I think this movie is also true.”

In particular, there is a song that brings tears to Rimes’ eyes every time. “When I sing, I don’t think I am passing the song ‘This is Christmas Eve’ instead of crying,” she said.

Rimes co-authored “It’s Christmas Eve” with the songwriter and producer Darrell Brown, “The Gift of Your Love” and “You and Me and Christmas”, she has worked with her for many years. “Darrell and I wrote three songs in the two weeks before we started shooting,” Rimes said. They actually wrote two songs on FaceTime, and Rimes is fulfilling other promises.

Fans can already hear three new songs and the rest of It’s Christmas, Eve soundtrack. Rimes released nine song soundtracks on October 11.
Fans on the West Coast also had the opportunity to see Rimes performing live new songs in her “You and Me and Christmas Tour Concerts”, which made 12 stops. Remus said she hopes that this program will let people know more about themselves and will not explore too many things.

“I am more concerned about the program than ever before,” Remus said. “I think it has a spiritual aspect – not a religious one, but a spiritual one. I want people to really touch themselves. My voice seems to break people’s catalysts in this way. This is a beautiful gift.”

She said that although this is a big idea for a show, it is also very simple. There are some special moments in this year’s show (like the “Little Drummer Boy”), and she can’t wait to play for the audience.

If fans have not yet entered the holiday spirit? Do what Rimes does, and add the original version of “Holly Jolly Christmas”.

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