Racism Halloween costumes, poppies and Christmas problems come too early

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Racism Halloween costumes, poppies and Christmas problems come too early

To save all our time, let’s take a look at them and move on.

Is this Halloween costume offensive?

You ask this fact is good and bad.

Very good, because you actually stop to think about your behavior and consider the issues raised by the clothing you choose.

Not good, because your fears mean that you are likely to choose a disgusting Halloween costume.

Kindergarten nurse Claire Flynn is the touchstone of this year. Ms. Flynn was three years old on the eve of Halloween this year.
When someone pointed out to 26-year-olds that this might be a bit racist, our protagonists still insisted on even no excuses for self-reflection.

“People need to master,” she snapped. Yes, it is the kind of nuances that people who care about young children want.

Although you can argue whether the black face of a child is a good idea at the end of time (this is a terrible idea), when it is pointed out to white people that their behavior is wrong, they have a responsibility to at least have an idea about why.

Blackface is irreversibly intertwined with the era of universal and normal discrimination and hatred against black people. The basic respect for others should be enough for anyone to put down the black and brown finish.

Should fireworks be banned?

After hearing the fireworks explosion outside the home of Motherwell’s Fiona MacFarlane, the poor greyhound Charles shook the video in horror, and you couldn’t help but shake.

Ms. McFarland wants people to see the pain caused by her pet – because it is caused by many pets – too early in the year.

At least a month ago, fireworks were being placed near my apartment; the fireworks season seemed to be expanding every year.

There are so many well-organized and impressive public events, and given the dangers of fireworks, it seems completely meaningless to sell them to the public.
Given that this is a hot topic every year, it is time to make a meaningful political review of the issue, rather than complaining every year.

Why do I wear red poppies/will not wear red poppies/white poppies/no white poppies.

Some people think that red poppies have become too politicized, so that it has been chosen to create public sympathy and allow modern warfare to continue.

Others like white poppies, symbolizing the call for peace. Some people wear at the same time. Some people also wear purple poppies, symbolizing the dead animals in the war.

Do not wear, all wear. Is this personal choice and freedom, not the kind of fight for it?

Is Christmas ahead of time every year?

Yes. The store wants to sell us things, people want to buy them.

This is not about Christmas, but about consumerism. A few weeks ago, John Lewis put his trees on a variety of festive foods – I found festival lobsters, festival pineapples, festival mermaids and holiday beehives.

For a long time, this is not good intentions for all men. This is to make money.

Our office Christmas tree is on the rise this weekend. I plan to sneak away yesterday and take it down.

Resistance is not in vain. Before December 1st, the elves will die every day. Don’t be an elf killer.

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