Nancy Williams: There are only 65 shopping days before Christmas. Better start decorating

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Nancy Williams: There are only 65 shopping days before Christmas. Better start decorating


Sixty-five shopping days before Christmas. There are also 65 days to decorate.

Is it too early to start renovating the hall and trimming the trees? I know that a house has something for Halloween on the front porch, and there is already a Christmas tree in the window of the living room.

I accidentally heard a passerby saying that it is disgusting to start Christmas so early. I laughed. There is no way to improve the degree of hatred in early decoration. Also, it may not be early, the tree may still start from last year. I can’t know if the tree at this time of the year is far ahead or outdated.

To be honest, I used to feel a bit too much about the launch of Christmas. At least by deception or treatment first. But I don’t know what happened. I became so alive. These days, I said let them put Christmas lights in October. They did not hurt anyone.

In this regard, we are technically not required to complete a holiday before starting another holiday. We can bundle them. We can show multiple autumn holiday creatures together. Spiders, turkeys and reindeer are together. Goblins, pilgrims and elves. Some people jump on mixing and matching, while others can’t.

Same as Lego bricks. One of my children is a Lego separatist. Think that the mixed theme is wrong. He carefully held the parts of a particular part together. Another child is mixed together. An old Western wagon will be attached to the wing of a rocket ship and carry a clown, a doctor and a walrus as passengers.

Separatist children must look away. He insists that we cannot make Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is taken away.

He also insists that although we need to wait until the right time, we do need to do some decorative things. At some point, I misplaced my Martha Stewart mojo, so our family’s past Christmas season has relied on Holly Billings of Decling Excellence.

You know, you spent so many years accumulating so many holiday decorations, and then sorta didn’t want to drag everything out. From the yard sales, store clearance sales and big family members ask, “Can I leave it in your home for a few weeks?” (a few weeks, haha), the number of things increases while your interest and energy decrease.

Last year, I erected a tree and lit it. very beautiful. Never made decorations. Or say more decorations. About eight were hung on the tree and deviated from the track. When we make soups and hang out, ask a friend to open a part of my nativity scene. Hey, open some numbers there, I said, you don’t have to go all out.

“How many?” she asked. I don’t know… I want to open the package until you find the baby. “Is there baby? Or baby?” There was only one baby in those boxes. “How do we know that other people are not in the stables of regular babies? Are these babies not counting?” Yes, they do, maybe we will one day add some babies to our nativity scene.

We finally showed a smart person, a cow, a donkey and a baby. Work for me. artistic.

When I wanted to find the traffic and timetable for the boy’s return home for the upcoming holiday, older people said that if I went home for Christmas, I really wanted to go home for Christmas. You are only doing it half-heartedly.

I pointed out how Grinch stole everything from Cindy Lou Who, everything was material, they still celebrate… no gifts and no beasts. He gave me a look that tells me that he is not “happy with what you have with Cindy.”

Mom, why don’t you decorate? We already have them. Or I think we are doing this. I have not seen them yet. That’s not true, I said, you saw about eight ornaments in our nearest tree. “Yes, in a strange little cluster. You can at least spread them apart. “I intend, but I am distracted.

When he left after the holidays, he was decorated at the airport where the Christmas decoration was dismantled. A tree has been “unclaimed,” as someone can achieve. So it’s half done. He sent a photo and a smile. “Hey mom, are you at the renovation airport?”

He said that our house used to be a Christmas show and he missed it. Yes, it is, but the fairy did not. It took so much time. And the intensity and task management are no longer compatible with my “holidays”.

He rolled his eyes and asked, will we thaw the hamburger again for Thanksgiving this year? Maybe. Son, when your parents are old and can’t do it again, you should be the family tradition they used to do for you.

He shouted, “You are not an old man, mother.” I know, but let’s practice – you will also make my decorations this year, maybe next year. There are some dry runs, so we are ready to let me become an old man at the right time.

Finally, I agree. Ok, ok, I will. I will go through the garage and drag you.

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