New Fall Shoe Trend: How Your Fave Celebs Are Styling Loafers

New Fall Shoe Trend: How Your Fave Celebs Are Styling Loafers
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New Fall Shoe Trend: How Your Fave Celebs Are Styling Loafers

Have you ever dreamed of dressing like a celebrity? Well, now you can. Maybe, when we were in our teens, we thought only chosen ones – rich and famous could afford to wear such beautiful clothes. Celebrities often get gifts from designers to promote their new collections. These promotions definitely work, as we often want to repeat those outfits our favorite music or movie stars wear, or sometimes, we don’t really care about a certain star, but we like their style.

Now young supermodels are the ones with the best taste in clothing styling, usually. So now we talk about some of the best of the best supermodels during recent years and their style, like what they are wearing recently and how they wear the freshest trends. It’s very important, not only to know new trends but how to match them with other clothes and accessories to make it really work.

Some celebrities are real pros in it as they get help from the best stylists and designers. Besides they often visit fashion shows, so they always know what is popular. Models, especially.

We found the recent street look of celebrities that work in the fashion industry. Like Hailey Baldwin Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and more famous fashionistas.

Undoubtedly, the biggest trends in shoes are loafers. They are the perfect substitute for uncomfortable heels. Of course, there are some other alternatives, like sneakers or vans, but loafers are the most elegant and boujee looking from all those, so if you want to achieve an expensive and grown look, they are the thing you are looking for. Also, they are perfect for women and men of any age.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber looks hot and “rich” in this total black outfit (well, maybe her suit that includes in itself a jacket and a skirt). You can repeat this look with an oversized office cropped jacket (you can DIY it from a basic oversized jacket if you can’t find a similar jacket to what Hailey wears ).

Then match it with a mini school skirt (don’t forget to wear security shorts under it to feel confident in such a brave outfit). Long thin black stockings are giving this look sexy vibes.

And, of course, she finished the look with a black small bag and the star of our article – loafers. She chose the ones with a chain as an accent.

You can find such a pair at ALDO.

Image Credit: Windsor Smith

Another big fashion sensation and BFF of Hailey is Bella Hadid. Recently she was making everyone talk about her with her catwalk performances, but when she is not working, she does look no less stylish.

As we could see Bella is great at knowing trends, on these photos we could notice some of them like 90’s style maxi skirts and ’90s-’00s inspired t-shirts, long socks, and more. As you see she chose two colors for her look – black and beige, the perfect classic color mix. The last but not least touch is black loafers. You can buy black loafers from Windsor Smith.

Image Credit: Jose Perez/

Although Selena Gomez does not work in the fashion industry, she has a huge experience with fashion, she is favourite of many famous designers. So she knows what she is doing when dressing.

In this outfit, the main thing is not shoes, but they create an ideal ensemble.

This look is giving us a throwback to 80-90’s vibes, with its long colorful fur coat and gold thick earring. The outfit like is perfect for a date or any special occasion. If you want loafers with statements, you can find them on Coach.


Kendall Jenner likes classic and simplicity in shoes, especially, when she already wears something eye-catching, like this knitted crop top/vest with a quite revealing cut on the belly. The flower print is the main star of this outfit, but the classic loafer model is a great addition. And it looks great with ageless office black pants.

You can find these classy shoes on Ketch.

Image Credit: Cobra Team/Backgrid

if you need an even more casual outfit idea with loafers, then take a look at Emily Ratajkowski. Slip-off is the perfect option for every day. Steve Madden is having a cool option that’s made for you.

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