New in the Western Shopping Mall Christmas

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New in the Western Shopping Mall Christmas


Sioux Falls, S.D. – It feels like it’s outside, but now it’s not the time of the holiday. However, I am preparing for Sioux Falls’ winter favorite!

The Christmas at the Western Shopping Center is almost ready for tourists. We stopped at the mall to find out what’s new this year!

This extravagant light show is not always so impressive. Christmas at the Western Shopping Center began very simplistic, starting in 2006 in the front yard of Josefno.

Now it is the main fundraising event for Make a Wish South Dakota.

“Well, I mean, this is a very good feeling. This is the Make a Wish fundraising event that makes it very valuable. Personally, I took something from the concept many years ago, then Still popular and attracting a large crowd,” Noe.

This year’s light show will have an extra song that adds more magic to this spectacle.
When you appear in the mall, you will find more entertainment.

“We have a special role, especially on some weekends. It’s just interacting with the kids. There will be opportunities to take pictures,” said Sue Salter, President and CEO of Make a Wish South Dakota.

“So even those who have seen it in the past may look at it and go. ‘Okay, I have already been there.’ Well, no, you really don’t, because this is just one aspect of everything. This year will continue to engage people and entertain,” said Noy.

Although it is not required to enjoy the celebration, there are some places where you can give up donations to Make A Wish. Last year, the organization sent 80 wishes to children in South Dakota.

“We hope that if they are willing to do so, they will open their pocket books and make a wish for their dollars, which will help us bring more wishes to the children of the state,” Salt said. .

Christmas at the Western Mall begins on Thanksgiving Day. Every night from 5:30 to 9:30, until New Year’s Day.

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