Two games in the BHS for three nights this weekend

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Two games in the BHS for three nights this weekend

The Batesville High School Theatre Club has prepared two works for the weekend. On Thursday, November 8th at 6:30 pm, an actor will play a 50-minute single “A Christmas Chaos”, written by Michael Wehrli.

Director of language arts teacher Lisa Barnett of Batesville Middle School said: “This comedy is a spoof of “Christmas Carol”. It was made today, composed of a group of community members and students who gathered to perform ‘Christmas’ Caro The professional community that learned that it should be implemented has been blocked by another community.

“Abby Blomer’s stage manager tried to keep the show going; however, there are still many obstacles to overcome. Mason Enneking plays the role of Dickens classic, and Liz Loichinger plays the narrator. Abby Smith is a confused actor who has been appearing as On the stage of different show characters, Lily Pinckley portrays Tiny Tim, who also plays the role of “singing” on the show.

“Ciera Belter will play a nervous actor and Christmas future; Adam Moster will play Bob Cratchit, Fan and Belle. Christmas past, Christmas gifts and business 1 will be played by Anna Schmaltz. Ben Moster will play Peter and Business Man 2 and Grace Miller Playing the charity lady and Mary. Anna Gus will play Marley and Bob and Mrs. Krachit. Finally, Carly Schrank will play the young Scrooge and the boy.”

When the students frantically try to get fixed parts and props on the stage and on the stage, the setup staff will also play a role in this production.

Tickets for Thursday’s show can be purchased at the door for $2.

James W. Rodgers’ adaptation of Frank Capra’s “Better Life” will take place at 7pm on Friday, November 9. On Saturday, November 10, after 6:30 pm, it will be alone. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5.

Barnett directed “This is a wonderful life” during the 30-year term on two other occasions. “This is an excellent adaptation of the film. The show quickly moved from one scene to another. It has all the beloved characters, as well as the same timeless information,” she said.

In 1999 production, Ben Rosebrough played George Bailey and Adam Kruse played Clarence. In the 2009 performance, Black Coleman played Bailey and Graham Holly played Clarence.

This year’s senior Andy Gutzwiller will play Bailey, while second-year student Aidan Jennewein will become Clarence Odbody. Kayla Stone will star in Mary Hatch Bailey, while Adam Longstreth will play the villain Henry Potter.

Other actors include Jason Dietz (Mower Gower), Chase Cummings (Young George and newspaper boy), Landon Gutzwiller (Harry Bailey), Melanie Werner (Mother Bailey), Kierra Brock (Auntie Tilly), CeCe Hund (Violet Peterson), Dean Campbell, Alex Rother, Joseph Cerniglia, Will Story, Ciera Rhoads, Secretary Zoe Peters (Mrs. Hatch) , Sam Wainwright), Jordyn Seifert, Alyssa Linville, Ethan Brewer, Madi Chambers, Ava Ralston and Seth Weisenbach (Mr. Welch).

Citizens include Ola Brewka, Olivia Raab, Ella Sittloh, Faith Tekulve, Taylor Townlsey and Lauren Voss. Other citizens are Ashton Ball, Kyler Daulton and Brian Doherty.

Bailey’s children will be played by Jaden Basler (Peter), Levi Basler (Tommy), Louise Hund (Janie) and Kenzi Lacey (ZuZu).

In addition to large actors, there are many students who have been working on these two shows. These students are supervised by BHS English teacher Paul Satchwill. Students who work four to six hours a week, including Allison Andrews, Jennifer Speer, Emily Meyer, Sophie Panzer, Britany Venis, Cadence Campbell, Joseph Hartman, Lillian Esser, Paige Ausenbaugh, Vivian Shroder, Aleksandra Brewka, Chloe Bishop, Ciera Belter , Ellie Moorman, Hanna Slayback, Jason Dietz, Kari Reer, Kayla Lawson, Kylie Hammond, Sally Heppner and Zachary Chambers.

This year’s new work will be a monochrome method of clothing, set and props. “I hope that most white, black and grey items will remind the audience of the beloved Jimmy Stewart movie,” Barnett shared. “I’m happy to see how they fit together. When I opened the costumes from the clothing gallery in Newport, Kentucky, I saw a variety of black, white and grey 1940s clothing that was so Excited. It’s also encouraging to watch the group’s staff creating the decorative pieces and drawing items of these colors. I can’t wait to see it during this week’s rehearsal.”

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