Police say security guards should not wear Christmas costumes

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Police say security guards should not wear Christmas costumes

Geez, po-po must be Grinch during this holiday season.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) Security and Investigation Bureau Oversight Office (SOSIA) told security agencies yesterday that their mall and hotel security guards are not allowed to wear Santa Claus clothing or any clothing during their duties.

The television broadcast network UNTV reported that the order was arrested on the guards of the Quezon City Shopping Center on Sunday for wearing clothing.
GMA News ‘Balitambayan said that the security agency at Quezon City Mall will have to pay a fine of 400,000 Philippine pesos (US$7,599.84), such as violation of uniform regulations, overdue tax rules, and licenses for the industry without a security industry.

A detailed order on duty is a written order issued by a senior official stating the duties of a private security guard.

The head of Jaime Santos, who is in charge of PNP-SOSIA, said that this approach poses a security risk and can lead to confusion, especially in emergencies.

“When an emergency occurs, people don’t approach them (security guards) and think they might be ordinary employees,” he quoted Filipino in ABS-CBN News.

The report adds that if they wear clothing, these security personnel may also lose guns.

Santos also said that the security guards’ job is to ensure people’s safety, not to entertain them.

Well, this is definitely a frustration. You can do two things at the same time, right?

United Nations Television also reported that criminal groups may follow suit and wear clothing to do a variety of criminal activities within the enterprise.

With the influx of shoppers, the presence of PNP will be more substantial during this holiday season. They will deploy patrols outside the mall to respond quickly to the team as crimes occur.

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