OU University Theatre, Drama Academy will present ‘Christmas Carols’

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OU University Theatre, Drama Academy will present ‘Christmas Carols’

Charles Dickens’s love and redemption story, Christmas carols, will be presented by the University of Oklahoma’s Herméric Theatre Academy and the University Theatre. Produced by Tom Huston Orr, directed by Tomdy Jiran’s music director and Roxanne Lyst’s choreographer.

Christmas carols will open at 8pm. On Friday, November 30th, other performances will be held at 8pm. December 1, 6 and 7 and 3 pm, December 1, 2 and 8. All performances will be held at the Elsie C. Brackett Theatre, 563 Elm Avenue, OU Norman Campus. This work is suitable for all audiences.

The actors of the University Theatre include 30 students from the OU Helmerich Theatre Academy, the Dance Academy and local community children. Lloyd Cracknell’s sumptuous outfits complement the holiday story with a beautiful collection designed by Uldarico Sarmiento.

British writer Charles Dickens is still one of the most widely read Victorian (19th century) novelists. Today, Scrooge, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickby are still familiar roles. The Christmas Carol is a Christmas ghost story, published in 1843, probably the most popular novel ever written by Dickens.

Actors include Audrey Armacost, Justin Armer, Avery Baker, Craig Caldwell, Sydney Culbertson, Michael Darmon, Lucy Dismore, Grace Evans, Alyssa Fantel, Caleb Hennigan, Nick Hone, Joni Keaton, Chip Keebaugh, Jaden Kelly, Evan Lennon, Becca Mighell , Thomas Peck, Madison Penzkover, Race Ricketts, Celena Rose, Abigail Schmitz, Riley Smith, Emily Stuhler, Reagan Sudduth, Alexandra Swanbeck, Ashtonn Thompson, Julian Walker, Will Warner, Micah Weese, Taylor Yancey and Jon Yawn. Dancers include Alma Cienski, Joni Keaton, Keiran King, Keyveontae’Martin, Cameron Terry and Claire Willcutt. Young performers are Hanna Andreassen, Hannah Butler, Joshua Cheng, Alli Dorris, Madilyn Kellam and Harper Orr.

Designers include the fascinating designer Uldarico Sarmiento; costume designer Lloyd Cracknell; Richard L. Sprecker, lighting designer; Jarrod Fries, sound designer; and Abigail Schmitz, theatre. The production staff consists of Orr, artistic director; Michael Moffitt as composer/songwriter; Kaitlin Souter, stage supervisor; Jeff Baldwin, technical director; Kasey Allee-Foremen, associate producer; producer Mary Margaret Holt.

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