Good news for Christmas events will begin on Friday special events

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Good news for Christmas events will begin on Friday special events


Herald-Whig will hold a new fundraising event on Friday night to kick off its 30th Annual Christmas Good News event.

Good news before Christmas will be held at Revelry, 121 N. Fourth.

The main part of the event will be open to the public from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. There will be celebrity bartenders, specialty drinks, 50-50 lottery and free food, and will continue.

The live band will start performing at 9pm.

Rusty and Paula Williams, owners of Revelry and its adjacent restaurant, Park Bench, have agreed to donate the proceeds of their evening activities to the good news of Christmas, which is designed to help 50 families in need.

Details about the family – and how the community can help them – will be published on The Herald-Whig on Sunday.

Participants attending Friday events will be invited to bring personal care items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower gel and deodorant, which will be collected, sorted and distributed to 50 families.

Those who participate in Friday events will also have the opportunity to donate cash to help good news families if they wish.

Eric Wait, manager of Herald-Whig Marketing, who oversees the event, said Friday’s launch was aimed at focusing on all the good things done in the past 29 events, which raised more than $1.75 million to help more than 1,500. people. There are families in need on both sides of the Mississippi River.

“But it also makes us take the lead in this year’s campaign,” he said, noting how Adams County’s United Way became a pioneer in the movement – an important partner of the Whigs.

This year’s efforts will help families in Adams, Pike, Brown and Hancock County of Illinois as well as families in Clark, Lewis, Shelby, Monroe, Marion and Lewis County of Missouri.

All families are nominated by case workers from social service agencies who understand the family and are familiar with their individual needs.

Waiting for Friday’s launch is a new thing to help celebrate the 30th good news of Christmas and “get some buzz for this year’s efforts.”

He said that without the generosity of Rusty and Paula Williams, they would not have happened, they were providing space and supporting the event.

Rusty Williams said he was happy to have the opportunity to assist the sport.

“I grew up in a foster family, so I always knew what it’s like not to have Christmas. The only Christmas we can get is from those who are willing to donate,” he said. “I believe there will always be people who need it. If you have a way to help your fellow countrymen, then you should do this. We have a way now, so I am ready to return it to me.”

Without the continued support of the community, the good news for Christmas will not happen, despite volunteers and financial support.

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