State Auto begins construction of the annual downtown Christmas Corner

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State Auto begins construction of the annual downtown Christmas Corner


Christmas is coming, which means that the traditions of Central Ohio are back!

State Auto’s Christmas Corner features a scene of Nativity and lights that everyone can see at East Broad Street.

This is a tradition with an 87-year history. You will find nearly 80 life-size numbers in the Nativity show.

The staff on Monday are busy making sure everything is intact. Kelly Anderson, communications director of the National Auto Insurance Company, said that this is the core of State Auto and has been around for 90 years.

“It dates back to 1931. At the time our founder Bob Pine was a philanthropist who valued giving back to the community and thought that a Christmas celebration in the corners of Broad and Washington would give him back to the Columbus community. “Anderson said. “It’s also very impressive in terms of art. You don’t see many life-size images like this being well taken care of. Our data goes back to the 1960s. I’m still amazed at them over the years. It looks so good.”

Once the lighting ceremony is held, the choir will perform Christmas performances on Friday and Saturday.

We were told that many people weighed 400 pounds each.

“Some of them are almost solid plasters, and we have an art restoration specialist who helps us ensure that numbers are taken care of every year,” Anderson said. “If you talk to someone who has been in Columbus for a few years, you can mention a life-size Christmas gift next to the Museum of Art, and most people will know what you are saying.”

“This is a tradition for many people. For many families and for decades, we are very proud of it. We encourage you to come here for a while. This is about the traditional family tradition. Regarding the community, this is crucial for us at State Auto,” Anderson said.

The display will be fully set up by Thanksgiving. The official lighting ceremony is Tuesday, December 4th at 5:30 pm, and it will light up every day on New Year’s Day.

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