Popilush Shapewear will be More Popular In Spring.

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Popilush Shapewear will be More Popular In Spring.

If you’re looking for ways to make yourself more attractive this spring, then you don’t need to invest in a whole new closet. You must be assertive in your choice and buy pieces that are versatile and value your body.

You don’t have to despair and visit thousands of department stores or buy items you won’t even use. The ideal solution to maintain a dream body is to invest in waist trainers, such as a dress with built in shapewear, for example.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article with simple tips that will show you how Popilush Shapewear will be More Popular In Spring.

1. Choose at least one modeling piece

To compose a slim waist look, you must include at least one shaping piece in your look. The bodysuit is an interesting option, as it can be used on warmer days as a light and refreshing piece.

Depending on the event, you can create different styles. If you are in a tropical place, a floral pleated maxi skirt with a high-pressure waist will help you even more with the task of a small waist. If you want to go on informal walks, you can wear the backless strapless body shaper with a faded denim maxi skirt, with a high waist and raw hem, which is also a trend this season.

2. What part of the body needs modeling

See which body part you most need to model. Use the bodysuit, as we’ve seen, to shape your waist and lift your bust. If you want to highlight your lower body, choose a Popilush shapewear legging. Or even a shaping skirt, as it looks very elegant and can be used for special social events.

A dress with built-in shapewear shapes your entire body in a practical way with the use of a single piece. You can vary the choice of colors and structure of the dress. Analyze your needs and decide if you need a piece with short sleeves, long sleeves or even spaghetti straps.

3. Use the styler with overlays

Popilush shapewear is breathable, so you can easily choose pieces to wear under other clothes, instead of using the shapewear as your main outfit.

If you want a shapewear with firm compression on the tummy, back and waist, the open bust shapewear is the piece you need to get now. This type of shapewear leaves the bust free, hips very smooth and becomes very easy to use.

Use this type of shapewear under any outfit. It is even interesting for people who need to work in a corporate uniform and could not go to the company with a body shaper, for example, as their main outfit.

It’s also a great tip to wear on warmer days with mini dresses, overalls or mini skirts. With this, the piece becomes quite versatile, because in addition to the spring, it can be reused in any type of climate with small adaptations.  

As Popilush shapewear is made with light fabric, it does not mark your body. It becomes a joker piece to wear on a daily basis, even in the workplace, underneath social clothes such as linen pants, blazers and fine cloth blouses with cufflinks.

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