Popular Trend of Splicing Elements

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Popular Trend of Splicing Elements

Fashion is always evolving with new trends, colors, styles, and quirks. Who knew that combining different fabrics with different colors would be trendy? That`s what splicing is all about. Splicing is the art of combining complementary pieces to create unique and edgy styles to fit many likes. Check out these cool and pretty clothing with splicing elements:

Patchwork High-Waist Jeans

Most of us would often wear basic skinny or wide-leg pants, and we won`t think much about it. Maybe you`ll look cool if you choose to wear ripped jeans but have you ever tried patchwork jeans?

Patchwork jeans with splicing elements would look unique and voguish, deviating from the usual black, blue, brown, or white pants. Even if you wear it with a simple tee, you`ll still look trendier than when you`re wearing your casual pants and a dressy top.

Block Patchwork Cardigan

Another easy way to take advantage of fantastic splicing elements is through cardigans and jackets since they tend to have many buttons and pockets to incorporate splicing. Just look at the different blocks of patchwork from the cardigan by BB Dakota. You can wear this with a simple top, and a mini jean skirt, and a pair of brown boots, and you`ll look well-dressed immediately.

Check Blazer

Ever get tired of your plain blazers? Look chic with a check blazer that has a cool pattern and splicing elements at the bottom.

You can wear your regular white or black blouse underneath, and wear it with a pair of black or white jeans. You can accessorize with a small crossbody silver purse. It is a fashionable way to upgrade your office attire by merely investing in one or two blazers with splicing.

Feminine Dress

For those who aren`t into dresses but want to try wearing them, especially the long ones, getting patchwork or dresses with splicing elements is one of the best ways to get started because it can be a statement clothing item already. You can complement it with accessories and shoes.

Midi Skirt

Look cute with a denim midi skirt that has different shades of blue jeans. You can wear this as part of your casual outfit but still, look well-dressed. A basic tee or blouse, with a pair of sneakers, will look so good with this.

Modern Pocket Pants

Bring life and fashion to your office with a pair of pinstripe pocket pants that look modern and voguish. You can accessorize by matching the color of the pants through your shoes, jewelry, and top. Most of your blouses and basic tees will look good on these cool pants. You can also put on a well-structured and matching blazer to complete the look.

You can upgrade your everyday fashion with splicing elements because of the unique and personalized touches of the little details splicing gives. You can even make your trendy clothes by only getting old clothes you`re not using anymore and sew them appropriately to create clothes that look brand new with splicing elements. By doing this, you can bring new life to your dusty, old pieces.

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