Quick Costume Ideas for Purim

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Quick Costume Ideas for Purim

No costume yet? No problem! Here are some quick and easy ideas:

Purim Baker

Put on an apron, add some flour to the apron and put a little flour on your face.

Carry a rolling pin and a plate of hamantaschen.


Wrap a parchment colored poster board around you secured with string or suspenders.

Write Hebrew letters on it (for Book of Esther).

Shalach Manot: (Purim gift baskets)

On a tee shirt (or pillowcase) draw hamantaschen, candy, and goodies and/or hot glue/tape some wrappers and bows.


For a baby: Using a brown or tan onesie, paint the belly area purple to represent the jelly.

For children and adults: Use giant pieces of craft foam to make two triangles. Put a piece of purple foam or fabric or paint in the middle. Use duct tape as shoulder straps and hang it over your body.


On Purim, we read, “…Mordecai received a high rank from the King. In recognition of his new status, Mordecai wore a royal blue cloak.”

Use a blue sheet for a cloak.

To make a round, golden hat with no brim, decorated with red stones: use a chef’s hat colored yellow, or yellow construction paper taped into a cylinder; decorate with circles cut from red construction paper.

Make a long beard from construction paper: cut out, glue cotton onto the paper and tie on to your chin with string or elastic.

The Israeli Flag

Use two pieces of white poster board for the flag’s background.

Cut out four (4) stripes and two (2) Stars of David from blue construction paper. Glue them to the poster board. Alternately, you can draw the stripes and stars on the poster board.

Staple the short sides of the poster board together so you can slip it over your head and wear one flag in front and one flag in the back.

Punch out two small holes near the top on each piece of poster board, thread string through the holes to connect the two sheets of poster board together and adjust so that they hang at the right length from the shoulders.

Adjust string so that the flag fits comfortably under the arms.

Purim Grogger

Like the Israeli flag costume, two pieces of poster board can be decorated with Purim symbols and strung together to be worn front and back.  Add a paper towel roll attached at the shoulder as the “handle,” and you, too, can be a Purim grogger.

Wacky fun

Find mismatched, random items of clothing in your closet and put together a crazy, fun outfit.


Wear all black. Add felt ears to the headband and draw whiskers on your face. Make a tail from a rope.


Wear all gray and add felt ears to the headband and draw whiskers on your face. Make a tail from a rope.


Pin random clothes to yourself, carry a bottle/box of detergent.


Cut up some old pants, turning them into capri pants. Wear a striped shirt, big jewelry (including a big hoop earring), makeup, and a bandana around your head.

Sports Stars

Throw on a jersey, uniform or cap. Put on eye black for football or baseball players.


Dress up in mom or dad’s work clothes.

Repurposed Costumes

Elsa or Anna can become Queen Esther.


Grab a pair of footed pajamas, baggy shorts, suspenders and some face paint.

Artist and Painting (2 people)

Artist uses an old baggy shirt as a smock (preferably with some paint dabs on it), carry a palette and paintbrush, and wear a beret.

Painting: Use a large pillowcase, paint a picture on it, and then cut out a hole for the head; or hang an empty frame around your neck.

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