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Awesome Ideas for Boys

So, what do little boys like dressing up in for Halloween? Pirates and cowboys are popular, as are monsters and astronauts. Dracula, mummies, and zombies are also traditional favorites for Halloween. But all of these ideas are old and boring. What you can do is take the latest trends and popular movies and TV series to ensure that you come up with an awesome Halloween costume for your little man. Here are some of the Halloween costume ideas for boys:

Dragon Trainer – Take Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon and make him as cool as you want to. All you need to do to pull off this costume is create Toothless the Dragon for him to sit on. You can do this using plastic refuse bags and newspaper stuffing.

Lego – The recent Lego movie is a hit with the boys, so why not use Lego blocks to actually create some of your little guy’s favorite characters.

Notable Costume Ideas for Girls

Girls are probably the easiest to please when it comes to costumes. Fairies, princesses, mermaids – the list is endless, but with Halloween just around the corner, what is different and creative that your precious little girl can wear? Well, you could go one of three ways: pretty, or cool. Here are some of the top ideas:

Katniss and Astrid – everyone loves a super cool chick that can kick butt so what about dressing up as Katniss from the Hunger Games books and movies? This could be perfect for an older girl, but even for someone younger, the same idea would be to use the How to Train your Dragon movie where Astrid is a similar type of character. These costumes can be very simply created with what you already have in your child’s closet. Just add bows and arrows, for Katniss, and a Viking armor with Axe for Astrid.

Loom Bands – these are exceptionally popular at the moment and girls everywhere love to make their bangles, and necklaces from the little elastic loom bands. You can easily turn this into a Halloween costume by wearing tons of them and attaching strands to your girl’s dress. She can be a Loom Princess or something similar.

Monster High – this cartoon provides the perfect inspiration for costumes and ideas for girls.

Ingenious Halloween Costumes for Men

Men are hard to find costumes for at the best of times, but Halloween is mostly filled with mummies, zombies, and vampires. There are plenty of other interesting costume ideas that you can choose from that will get a good laugh as well. If you want a different idea here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas.

50 Shades of Gray – the resounding success of the book and the soon to be released movie, make 50 Shades of Gray a great costume idea. But we are not talking about a suit and tie… no, let’s try

to make it funny, so all you need to do is stick paint swatches all over yourself, in shades of gray. Get it! It’s hilarious and your friends and family will think so too.

Hannibal – With the resurrection of this infamous serial killer in the TV series, this is a great idea for Halloween, similar to how Dexter was a few years ago.


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