Should you already start Christmas shopping?

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Should you already start Christmas shopping?


You know, on Christmas Eve, rushing around a department store, clinging to the clichés of a husband or dad, grabbing random items, they hope that the next morning when they appear under the Christmas tree, they will carefully Choose these items? Ok, welcome to my Christmas.

However, it is clear that some of us have avoided this nightmare. According to a survey by the Retail Research Center, one in five people in the UK wants to complete their Christmas gift shopping by the end of November.

Karen Yang, who lives in Doha, will visit her family in Bolton this Christmas, one of them. She said early shopping helps to spread costs and can prevent you from overspending. She likes to buy gifts for others and says that in September and October, the process of making a few months “can extend this fun.” “For me,” she said, “organized to help reduce ‘stress’, then I can focus on food, snacks, and most importantly – see my lovely family.”

The list is a key part of the early Christmas store organization. List the people you need to buy, how much you will spend and give them ideas. Then list the places you want to go – whether it’s on the street or online.

Bjorn Thomassen from East London believes that avoiding the Christmas boom is a huge motivation for organizing. “I saw people rushing every day a few days before Christmas, just thinking that it would make me feel stressed,” he said. He suggested starting to put money in early September as a way to deal with the cost of Christmas.

Thomasson has another tip to avoid the current drama of Christmas – there are several “emergency” gifts on hand. He said that this is very useful, “when you don’t plan to buy a gift, someone unexpectedly presents a gift.”

So, write this list down, finish shopping, and know that your Santa Claus is over this year. Then, focus on mince pies and elaborate holiday coffee and enjoy a month of expecting a gift for someone you love.

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