Some Chanel Bags To Consider as Your First Investment Piece

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Some Chanel Bags To Consider as Your First Investment Piece

Every individual has their own sets of milestones and goals that they want to fulfill. For some, it may be marriage, or for others graduation. However, more importantly for women, a lifetimes investment is in their handbags. And when it comes to buying your first Chanel, it really is binding forever.

Chanel isn’t an off-street brand that you could buy from on a whim. It takes time and intricately curated decision to opt for one. However, the Chanel bag really is the right way to start thinking about investments.

Before you go any further, here is a guide to making sure your investment is worthwhile.

Considering Styles

Chanel’s variety when it comes to styling and sizing comes in various kinds. You have your regular small handbags to big totes and cross bodies.

When investing into something that is likely to stay put till your end days, thinking about the style to buy is essential. Bringing home something that is out of your comfort zone may not be the best idea in this case considering the price tag.

While considering the different style, the choice would be made easy if the use of the bag is assessed. For example, are you buying for daily errands or is it a special occasion bag?

Chanel offers three kinds of bags:

  • The classic flap: A classis which is also good for everyday use.
  • The Reissue: An option for everyday work bag.
  • The boy bag: Good option for travelling

All the options are great, the choice now remains on what kind of bag you would want to opt for. This brings us to the material of the bag as well.

Considering Materials

Buying from a premium brand almost ensures the quality of the product. And when we talk about Chanel, then we know the material’s used are amongst the best of the best. Regardless Chanel offers a variety in its leathers:

  • Caviar leather: According to many users, caviar leather should be the go-to because of its hard material which allows a more rough and tough use.
  • Patent leather: If you’re looking for your bag to stand out and give that shine, this leather would be the perfect choice for you.
  • Lambskin leather: A little more fragile than the other choices because of its soft material, however it is perfect for those special moments.
  • Aged/Crinkled leather: If you love the vintage feel to your items then this will be your perfect match!

Picking the perfect leather would be essential based on your needs. Chanel pieces are timeless and investment worthy, so assessing the pros and cons of each piece will make it more worthwhile.

Considering the Colors

Investing in Chanel means, having a friend for life. Which means it will become part of every aspect of your life.

Colors are important. Often based on individuals’ styles and personality the base colors for example can be more unsuitable and preference can be made to bright colors. Making this decision will lead to opt for the perfect color rather than just buying the basic black. Although that would not be a bad idea as well.

Chanel really is an investment. When people say time is money, they are correct. Chanel pieces are timeless. Even after years of purchase some of the designs in mint conditions can sell for double the original amount.

So, the greatest advise would be to invest in something that of course speaks to you, but also would become a great asset later in years. All we can say is choose wisely! More fashion tips, please continue visit

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