Which One Is Better in Spring: Bucket Hats vs Baseball Hats?

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Which One Is Better in Spring: Bucket Hats vs Baseball Hats?

When the temperatures are rising and it is scorching hot, a hat can provide much-needed relief to our head, ears, face and neck. That said, a hat does more than keep us cool. It can shield us from the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause sunburn as well. There are many different kinds of hats available and if you planning to get yourself a hat and are contemplating whether a baseball hat or a bucket hat is better, well do read on for a comparison between the two.

What is A Baseball Hat?

The baseball hat or baseball cap is one of the most common hats around the globe. Casual, simple and east to wear, baseball hats are great grab-and-go hats. They feature a short to medium size bill that is either curved or flat in front.

What Is A Bucket Hat?

The bucket hat is usually made of cotton, polyester or canvas.  It is a soft brimmed hat that can be rolled up easily and kept in your bag. The bucket hat features a flat crown on top and a floppy brim.  Some styles come with a chinstrap.

The Differences Between Bucket Hats and Baseball Hats

Both bucket hats and baseball hats can offer good sun protection. Lately, bucket hats have been making resurgence in the fashion world. However, neither hat type is likely to ever go out of style.

Style – The most noticeable difference between a bucket hat and a baseball cap is their brim. A baseball cap comes in a short to medium-sized bill that is either flat or curved towards the bottom.  A bucket hat features a wide and downward sloping brim and offers a 360-degree protection from the sun.  Baseball hats can also protect the face from the sun but they do not offer 100% protection.

Material – The most common fabric used in making the baseball cap is cotton which is breathable and helps the wearer to stay cool. The bucket hat is made from wool and cotton. While both act as a great style statement, a bucket hat is warmer than a baseball hat.

Fit – Bucket hats fit loosely on the head and tend to lose their shape when worn. Whereas baseball hats are tightly fitted and do not lose their shape or sturdiness.

Protection – Baseball hats protect the eyes and face with the help of the visors. Bucket hats offer protection in a 360-degree mode due to their brim that cover all around.

Comfort – The level of comfort of both types of hats largely depends on the fabric. Baseball hats feature a stiff visor or brim and this may be less uncomfortable against the head.

So which hat is better for Spring 2022?  It all depends on an individual’s preference really. Wearing either a bucket hat or a baseball hat to protect against the sun is better than none.  It also depends on the outfit you are wearing. 

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