Sweater + Wide-leg Pants, Wear a Spring Fashion Style

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Sweater + Wide-leg Pants, Wear a Spring Fashion Style

There have been many trends that were the favorites of many during these months of confinement, sweatpants were and continue to be one of the great favorites but this time they have taken it to the next level with the pajama-style but make it perfect casual to go out and do the shopping, visiting friends, going out to eat, forget skinny jeans if you got used to wear comfort this is the perfect trend for you.

With all this trend of Reels and tiktok you can see hundreds of fashion influencers making outfits with this trend very often but with their own style, either fast-fashion or including high-end brands to give all kinds of tips regarding the wide pants.

You will look super chic with this carefree style that everyone is using on social networks, the only thing you need is a sweater and wide pants, all online stores have their own version of these garments in all the colors and fabrics that you are looking for, my favorites are neutral colors but if you want to risk a little more here are some of the trends:

Neutral colors

From beige to white and black, these are the first ones that you should always have on hand as they save you from trouble and combine with any top or sweater you already have in any type of material and color as well.

The Bold Patterns

If you already have the basics but want to add a little more color to your closet, animal prints are the most classic you can get and style during spring, but if that is not your favorite, you also have available the most artistic ones with more extravagant and more original designs, with all kinds of colors for spring with small touches of autumn or spring.

My favorites are those ones that looks a little bit vintage, you can find those on thrift stores too and get all that 70’s or 80’s vibes without spending too much money.

Different Materials

And here we come to the most unique of the list, which includes all the previous ones but adding details of sequins or unique materials.

If you are a person who likes to try new things you will like, shiny patent fabric or leather is one of the great favorites to combine with basic sweaters and boots.

Shiny details are my favorite on a girl’s night out, who doesn’t what to be the center of attention, it’s pretty fabulous.

Whatever the material, the design, the colors, these pants are a must-have for any season, not just spring. If you realize you will be able to see it in all kinds of styles according to each of the seasons, the stores want this trend to continue for a long time. High fashion designers include this design in many of their collections, Jacquemus does it in a more relaxed and basic way to combine with many other pieces. Chloe and Valentino do it in a more formal way for special occasions or to highlight the person who wears them or more eccentric brands like Versace that prints their classic pattern so that everyone knows that you are wearing Versace.

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