The Best Skincare Products for Clear, Glowing Skin

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The Best Skincare Products for Clear, Glowing Skin

It is very common in tropical countries for women to opt for matte skin, due to their experiences with mixed or oily types that predominate in the world, but the make glow trend has changed this perspective and brought a new desire: illuminated skin. and lush, with a shiny effect – not greasy, of course enhancing the natural beauty.

Brands, understanding this new demand, have created innovative products ranging from moisturizing creams to illuminating primers that leave the you wonderful and looking fresh, light, smooth and healthy. Based on that, we’ve separated some products that promise a powerful shine effect for you to go out rocking the glow around!

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizers are essential to maintain good care and vigor. Some, by reaching deeper layers, leave the skin naturally illuminated, others have illuminating components and glitter particles to make the glow that the skin deserves even more intense, and can be applied to the face and other parts of the body.

  • Luminous primer

The primer is known for its function as a preparation for a more lasting makeup that softens the pores, bringing the velvety sensation, leaving a more opaque texture. Unlike the common product, luminous primers are perfect for those who like a radiant natural effect and can be found in different formats, some illuminating discreetly, while others leave a powerful shine.

  • Illuminator

You know that product that has its own light? It’s the illuminator! In addition to enhancing makeup, it leaves the skin illuminated by reflecting and highlighting high points on the face, such as the Cupid’s bow, nose, temples, inner corner of the eyes, under the eyebrows, and running away from the common even to the small bone in the neck and back when we want to highlight the neckline on the back of a dress.

  • Glow base

With lighter coverage, it is usually satin, has light particles of shine, but does not have glitter in its composition, so it leaves you radiant, with a naturally healthy effect and does not miss the coverage – which allows you to build layers and still maintain the glow of an illuminated skin. Despite not being matte, the composition is generally designed for long-lasting use and for all types, that is, those with oily skin can use it without risk of feeling greasy, with good skin preparation, of course.

  • Illuminating oils

So far we have seen that the illuminator has already been incorporated into different types of products and for all types, right? The oils can be used both on the face and body and deliver very luminous particles to the skin that, in contact with the sun, shows its radiance and beauty. They are excellent for mixing with creams, as a base for good body hydration too, so worth a try!

Factors that Impact Glowing Skin

  1. Genetics

Genetics can determine whether a person is more likely to have dry or cracked skin. Some conditions that cause skin problems are related to genetics, such as atopic dermatitis.

  • hormones

Changes in hormone levels can cause acne breakouts and change from shiny to dry or oily skin. This can happen regardless of the individual’s biological sex, especially during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

  • Medical conditions and remedies

Skin health can be affected by pre-existing conditions or the use of medications. The use of contraceptives, for example, can have a positive or negative side effect on person’s appearance.

  • Environment

High sun exposure, extreme temperatures, dry air, tobacco smoke and pollution can all have a negative impact on the skin, determining whether the individual will have glowing skin or not.

  • healthy attitudes

The amount of water consumption, sleep, stress and exercise that a person practices influences their appearance. The chemicals also have a significant impact on human skin.

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