What Color of Engagement Ring Compliments My Skin Tone?

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What Color of Engagement Ring Compliments My Skin Tone?

Are you shopping for an engagement ring? There are many factors to take into consideration when shopping for one because this is a once in a lifetime purchase and it is one piece of jewelry that will be worn for a long time. The decisions to buy are often based on the kind of gemstone to choose, the color, the style, the shape and more. However, there is one factor that people often overlook when shopping for an engagement ring and that is if the ring matches the skin tone?

How To Find Engagement Rings That Match Your Skin Tone

Just like clothes, engagement rings have to match a person’s style and skin tone. In order to find which is the best engagement ring that matches your skin tone, there are several things to be considered.

The first step is to determine your skin tone and it is not the color of your skin. The outer layer of your skin is your skin color while the undertone of a person’s appearance is the skin tone. When your skin is exposed to sun it changes colors. On the other hand, the skin tone does not change at all.  Skin tone is determined by biological factors.

Different Types Of Skin Tones

  • Warm skin tone
  • Cool skin tone
  • Neutral or medium skin tone

In order to check what is your skin tone, you just have to look at the color of your veins. Those with warm skin tone will have veins appearing in green hues when protruding from the skin. People with cool skin will often see their veins in a blue or purplish hue. When exposed to the sun, their skin tends to become red but it does not tan. If you have trouble identifying the color of your veins, you are likely to have a neutral skin tone. People with neutral skin tone are the luckiest because they have no problems with matching any kinds of engagement rings.

Choosing The Color Of The Metal Band

The next step is to identify the type of metal for your engagement rings. There are three major options for engagement rings and they are gold, rose gold and white metal. Gold or copper shades metal are ideal for people with warm skin tone. White gold and white metal such as silver and platinum are best for people with cool skin tone. For those with neutral skin, well, they get to enjoy a wide array of the best engagement rings since their skin match with a wide spectrum of colors.

What Are The Best Gemstones For Your Skin Tone

So now we have come to the last stage for choosing the best engagement rings. What is color and the type of gemstone to choose? It is the gemstone that steals the limelight of the engagement ring. Picking out a gemstone that matches your skin tone will create a more flattering look that stands out. A gemstone that does not match your skin tone will be dull-looking.

Gemstones that have earthy colors such as orange, browns and reds will complement those with warm skin tones. Check out rubies, garnets, morganite and peridot. Topaz, aquamarine, opal or amethyst are great for people with cool skin tones. For those with neutral skin tone, mix and match metals and gemstones work best. There are some is gemstone colors that go with any skin tone like white topaz, diamond and black onyx. Here is a wedding band idea if you want.

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