The clothing store of Goodman Theatre held clothing sales on October 20th.

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The clothing store of Goodman Theatre held clothing sales on October 20th.

The clothing store of the Goodman Theatre held its first clothing auction in the past six years on Saturday, October 20 from 9 am to 2 pm. Goodman’s clothing store artisans will sell more than 100 handmade items for just $1. From haute couture gowns to fashion headwear, attendees can select critically acclaimed Goodman works, including hats and headwear, from the gospel musical “Crown” (2004, 2012) by art assistant Regina Taylor. Art Director Robert Falls’s famous uniform by Lee Lear (2006); military band costume from the Young Sweet Bird (2012), Oscar-winning actress Diane Lane And Finn Wittrock; and more. Clothing sales will take place on Saturday, October 20th from 9 am to 2 pm at the Goodman Theatre (170 N. Dearborn). Free admission, clothing prices range from $1 to $300; ​​cash and credit are accepted. All sales are final and the proceeds support Goodman. A clothing preview will not be available until the sale. Please do not call. For media arrangements, please call 312.443.5569 or email [email protected].
Under the long-term leadership of Heidi McMamas, the clothing store at Goodman Theatre is responsible for realizing the vision of fashion designers for each Goodman building, rebuilding or purchasing clothing and clothing elements that define the time of the play and location. A fashion designer owns 17 seasons designing Goodman’s annual holiday A Christmas Carol, McMath as a clothing store manager for nearly 30 years, during which she oversaw over 275 Goodman productions.

The Best Regional Theatre (Time Magazine) in the United States, Goodman Theatre is a premier non-profit organization known for its excellence in art programs and civic engagement. Led by Art Director Robert Falls and Executive Director Roche Schulfer, the theatre’s artistic focus includes new drama developments (more than 150 world or US premieres), large musical works and redesigned classics (famous revival including waterfall deaths) ) The salesman and the iceman are coming). The artists and works of the Goodman Theatre won two Pulitzer Prizes, 22 Tony Awards, more than 160 Jeff Awards and more Honorable Mentions. In addition, Goodman is the world’s first theater to produce all 10 plays in Wilson’s “American Century Cycle” in August. Its annual holiday traditional Christmas carol celebrates its 41st anniversary this season, creating a new generation of Drama lovers. Goodman also regularly provides production partners for local loop theatres as well as domestic and international companies, providing financial support or physical space for a variety of artistic activities.

Goodman is committed to the three core values ​​of quality, diversity and community, proactively integrating it into the institutional structure, and developing education and community engagement programs that support art as an education. This approach uses the process of artistic creation to motivate and empower young, lifelong learners and audiences to find and/or enhance their voices, stories and abilities. Goodman’s Alice Rapoport Education and Participation Center is the home of this program, mostly free of charge, and greatly expands the theater’s ability to reach the lives of Chicago citizens (85% of young participants come from underserved communities) opened in 2016.

The Goodman Theatre was founded in 1925 by William O. Goodman and his family to commemorate their son Kenneth, an important figure in the renaissance of Chicago in the early 20th century. The legacy of the Goodman family continues to exist in the continuing work and dedication of the Kenneth family, including Albert Ivar Goodman, who, along with the late mother Edith-Marie Appleton, contributed the necessary funds for the creation of the new Goodman Center in 2000.

Today, the leaders of the Goodman Theatre also include prominent members of the art collective: Brian Dennehy, Rebecca Gilman, Henry Godinez, Dael Orlandersmith, Steve Scott, Chuck Smith, Regina Taylor, Henry Wishcamper and Mary Zimmerman. David W. Fox, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Goodman Theatre, Denise Stefan Ginascol is the chairman of the Women’s Board of Directors, and Megan McCarthy Hayes is the chair of the scene production committee for young professionals.

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