H&M sells Christmas T-shirts in South Africa

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H&M sells Christmas T-shirts in South Africa


The international retailer said H&M sells seasonal fashion at the right seasonal time and found a Christmas T-shirt in one of South African stores in April.

Investment expert Delphine Govender discovered the Christmas shirt of the yellow Minions popular in the movie “Despicable Me.”

Minions are covered in Christmas tinsel, and some people carry Christmas baubles and other Christmas decorations.

The word “this is an important spirit” perfects the holiday theme.

“This is what happens when the global northern hemisphere pays attention to retailers like [H&M] who send “last season” products to their southern hemisphere, third world, regions,” Govender wrote in a Twitter post.

“The local buyer thinks there is no better! We got the [Christmas] top in April/May because it is the ‘Winter Range’”.

H&M South Africa first dismissed the idea of ​​the April Christmas apparel sale.

Spokesperson Amelia-May Woudstra told Business Insider South Africa, “I checked with our dealers and we checked in the ‘Holiday’ event, but in the right season,”

“Overall, we have the same collection in all markets (nearly 80%),” says Woudstra.

“The Southern Hemisphere market and the Northern Hemisphere accept both branding and trend collections (eg Designer Collaboration, Conscious Exclusive and H&M Studio).”

In January, H&M released a photo of a jacket with a jacket that says “the coolest monkey in the jungle”.

H&M currently has 18 stores in South Africa and has since announced that it is considering South African suppliers.

It currently imports all clothing for the South African market.

“They apologized after the [January event]… We proposed that they purchase goods from South Africa very practically,” said Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Economic Development.

However, Woudstra emphasized that H&M’s assessment is still in its early stages.

“If we decide to establish any partnership with a local supplier, we will notify you,” Woudstra said.

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