The Dreaded Christmas Party: What To Wear?

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The Dreaded Christmas Party: What To Wear?

The staff Christmas party is possibly the only time of year that you can show off your true fashion style to your colleagues outside of the office. So now comes the dreaded question of what to wear. It must be perfect as you will have to wait another year before you get the chance to show off your true style again.

Christmas Meal

If you are going out for a festive meal you want to wear something relaxed, but that can also turn into an elegant cocktail outfit if you decide to head out for drinks afterward.

The safest bet is to wear a cute party dress underneath a Christmas sweater. The sweater will be cute and show off your sense of humor and festive fun side. However, you can ditch the sweater later in the night and let your true fashion shine through with your cute party dress.

For The Boys

Boys you can be daring with your Christmas humor, the funnier the better. We all know that you have the office banter down to a T, but it’s the festive note you need to hit with your Christmas sweater. Try to go for something that is trending right now, a funny meme or gif with a festive twist would be a great conversation starter. Pair it with skinny jeans and biker boots to give your outfit a little edge.

For The Girls

Take a new twist on the classic Christmas sweater with an off the shoulder look. Go for a classic Christmas movie or traditional theme sweater for a more intellectual look.

Team with a cute skater dress and Chelsea Boots for a grungy yet girly feel. For a more sophisticated style, try high waist skinny jeans and a pair of killer heels. Remember to opt for thick heels to avoid any embarrassing falls on the icy sidewalk after one too many Christmas cocktails.

Christmas Night On the Tiles

For a Christmas night out, you will need to step up your fashion with a killer outfit if you want to seduce someone under the mistletoe. It makes a great change from small talk next to the copier machine, so make sure you make the most of it with an outfit that makes a lasting impression.

For The Boys

Boys, you want to keep the outfit simple. It might be tempting to layer up with a stylish jacket, but you will soon be hot and sweaty once you are under the club lights. Instead, opt for a smart shirt and skinny jeans. If you want to show off your fashionable side, accessorize well with a good pair of stylish shoes.

For The Girls


Girls, if you opt for a cute dress, make sure you choose festive colors, such as deep greens and reds, to show off your playful side.

Accessorize well with a chunky necklace and killer heels, but again remember to keep the heel thick to avoid any festive falls on the icy cobbles outside.

Spice up an outfit with a statement bag, something small and cute, but big enough to hold all the essentials. Remember Christmas parties are a chance to get to know your colleagues better, keep it simple, easy, and fun, and you are sure to be on to a winner.


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