The ‘Blush Sandwich’ Technique Gives Your Makeup The Perfect Natural Flush

The 'Blush Sandwich' Technique Gives Your Makeup The Perfect Natural Flush
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The ‘Blush Sandwich’ Technique Gives Your Makeup The Perfect Natural Flush

Many people must have heard about blush sandwiching but you must be wondering,

what it means and to answer that question we are here. Most people have heard of the blush sandwich because of make-up artists and celebrities talking about it in videos where they get ready, but most of you probably don’t know why this is the best technique to apply blush. With that said, in this article, we will be telling you why blush sandwiching helps you achieve a natural flawless look!

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Why Blush Sandwiching Is The Best Way To Apply Blush

What Is The Blush Sandwich Method?

Blush sandwiching is basically applying different types of blushes, like cream blush, powder blush etc, on the face to recreate a natural effect. A natural blush is achieved because each layer of blush reacts with the skin, absorbing the skin oils and making the other layers blend in much more flawlessly, making the blush smooth.

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Vivid Blush

Considering that you have put on different  types of blushes in different amounts, the colour of the blush will be more and the appearance will look less artificial, thus, making it natural. Since you put cream blush first, it acts like a base colour, and when liquid blush is put on top of it, the blush becomes more dewy and glowy, and finally when you apply powder blush, it seals the whole look, giving a matte finish.


Since there are multiple levels of blush, there’s a lot of room for customising the blush to your preference. If you enjoy a more glowy look, you can increase the liquid blush and decrease the powder blush, if you like your blush more pigmented, you can increase the cream blush. Considering the blush is customizable, you can change the amount based on your skin tone and how natural you want your look.

Beautiful young woman portrait with a make-up product


When you wear regular blush, it constantly melts off your skin, forcing you to reapply it and make your makeup patchy. However, with the blush sandwich, your skin absorbs only a bit of your blush, letting the rest sit on your face, making your blush more smooth and natural, and long-lasting. This is convenient as it doesn’t force you to reapply and it keeps your make-up vibrant always.

Natural Finish

When applying ordinary blush, most  people don’t balance textures which makes the makeup cakey and rough as it is unable to blend in properly. Considering in the blush sandwich, we use different textures and tones to balance the whole thing, it helps the blush blend naturally and stay flawless all day long, unlike other blushes. Even celebrities believe this blush sandwiching method is efficient and helps achieve natural looks.

If you want your blush sandwich to be the best it can be, make sure to use soft strokes when blending, and to moisturise your skin before applying. Remember to try to experiment with different textures and tones in different amounts to find your perfect fit. We hope this article was helpful for you.

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