The Most Adorable Photos of Dogs in Christmas Costumes

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The Most Adorable Photos of Dogs in Christmas Costumes

You know when you see something and you think to yourself, wait, how cute would that be on a dog instead of a person? Case in point: Christmas costumes. After all, Christmas is basically the new Halloween — and you’ve probably got four Christmas sweaters to prove it

As part our Snapchat Discover Holiday Channel, we teamed up with the Google app to explore some very important holiday queries. The first one? Show me pictures of dog costumes.

Before we get to these adorable costumes, a little more about how darn handy the Google app is. The app makes it insanely easy to get answers — or ideas —  from your phone, watch car or tablet. It’s as easy as… talking! With the Google app, you can ask Google to find things around you, take action, fetch your stuff and get the right information when you need it.

And sometimes, that information is all about dogs wearing Christmas costumes. Let’s roll the videotape

I mean, who knew that dogs in Christmas costumes were all you needed to get through the day? Now go ahead. You know you want to. Ask your Google app to show you, even more, pictures of dogs in Christmas costumes. Wait for it…

Excalibur! You’ve hit the jackpot. Now, you just need to get your own dog a holiday costume and you’ll be good to go. And you know what? We’re betting you can ask one very clever app where to get your dog a Santa, reindeer or elf costume. The Google app is the best way to access Google for all sorts of helpful assistance throughout your day, even if your hands are full.


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