Top 10 Christmas presents revealed – for pets

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Top 10 Christmas presents revealed – for pets

The list, compiled by Maxi Zoo, is based on a significant year-on-year rise in the spending pattern of Christmas shoppers at its 18 stores.


It sees snuggle pads, doggy deodorant, designer dog shampoo and brain training toys all topping the list.

Alice Cross, executive director of Maxi Zoo Ireland, said: “Irish pet parents are really spoiling their pets this Christmas and want them to smell good, to look good and to keep their minds active during the festive season.

“There is no question of the family dog or cat missing out this year with novelty gifts like Santa Dog Coats and Christmas Cat Caves for cats who like to hide away also included amongst the gifts topping Santa lists.”

Not too surprisingly, the biggest seller is the Santa Dog Coat, followed by Snuggle Pads – which can be heated in the microwave and placed into fleece covers which stay warm for up to eight hours.

“Our pet experts have been inundated with requests for advice on pet brain training toys which are a great way to teach dogs and cats good habits and to keep their mind active at any time of year,” Cross continued.

Advent calendars for cats, Christmas blanket, and toy sets, and Christmas stockings for dogs also feature strongly on the gift list.

Fish owners round out the top 10, having made the JBL aquarium cleaning glove their present of choice.

Top 10 Christmas toys for Irish pets:

Santa Dog Coat

Snuggle Pod

More 4 Brain Training Toys

Animology Doggy Deodorant

Christmas Cat Cave

Animology Dog Shampoo

Advent Calendar for cats

Christmas Stocking for dogs

Christmas dog blanket and toy set

JBL aquarium cleaning glove

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