Woman behind the Renaissance Christmas feast

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Woman behind the Renaissance Christmas feast

Jacque Younger has given the Renaissance style a life of 20 years.

“This is my month of the year,” Youngor said.

And she just started. The decades-old veteran Minott Chamber Chorale usually works part-time as a costume lover for the Renaissance Christmas feast.

Soon, when she retired, she will shift her focus to full-time.

“I hope to fix our clothing in the closet, we still need to repair and build five new garments for next year,” Youngor said.

Her design base is small and she must be creative.

“I like the people who make renovations on the house because I can see it, but the people I wear it don’t necessarily see it. Sometimes it’s really fun,” Youngor said.

Her work is critical to ensuring that the audience has a real experience.
“It does set emotions in many ways. You really heard the recorder music, it’s a period of time, you will see these costumes. We like to think it can take you back for about 500 years,” the owner of the Renaissance feast Eric Furuseth said.

Create Christmas memories by bringing history to life.

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