TV Christmas Special’s evolution from Sappy to self-awareness

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TV Christmas Special’s evolution from Sappy to self-awareness


If you believe NBC’s new holiday TV show special legendary Christmas with John and Chris, singer John Legend and his model author wife Christine live in a modest split-level suburban home with their two children, they occasionally Their family hosts parties and their neighbors. You know, “their neighbors” – Stevie Wonder, Jane Lynch, Meghan Trainor, Awkwafina, Zach Galifianakis, Sam Richardson and Retta.

Of course, you really shouldn’t believe this. This holiday makes this holiday special – just like many of the previous events – very interesting.

In the legendary Christmas, there are a few sweet, stand-by scenes where the couple interact with fans: one is that they are strolling in the actual suburban neighborhood, and the other is that they invite unsuspecting consumers to judge their macaroni and cheese. recipe. However, most of the deliberate, frustrating falsehoods alternate between large musicals and stupid comedy novels, shot around the Legend / Teigen “house”… and the 80s – sitcom style Laughter is no less than this.

If you have been watching TV for the past 20 years or so during Christmas, you will find that this particular thing is trying to do something. Here are a few beloved celebrities who made their own old-fashioned Christmas performances, but with a twist, a wink, and some healthy satirical quotes.

This has become the default mode of holiday variety carnival for a while: sincere, intertwined with love imitation. But when does the tone begin to change? Why are Christmas songs and a wide range of comic sketches in this format still so popular, because those who appear in these special programs seem to feel obligated to admit their horny?

To answer these questions, let’s review the past Christmases and see how Christmas has evolved over the decade…

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