6 Lavender Clothing Separates for Spring and Summer

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6 Lavender Clothing Separates for Spring and Summer

Delicate, feminine and subtle colors have always appealed to women. Since last season, a color that has been conquering the hearts of this public is lavender. The lavender color is a simple and very feminine color. It reminds me a little of the lilac color but with a more pink touch.

This color usually gives an extra charm and femininity when it appears in the look and therefore it will be present in summer and spring looks.

The lavender color is perfect for those looking for a look full of personality. That’s because at the same time that this shade is delicate, it can also help to put together looks that run away from the ordinary.

The name of the color refers to the lavender plant, which is also called lavender, which is widely used to make fragrances, ornaments and even as a medicinal plant.

With spring and summer just around the corner, nothing better than putting aside the sobriety and intensity of winter looks and immersing yourself in a fresh aesthetic, right?! This season, it can already be anticipated that the lavender color will gain more and more prominence! Bringing a light look, the tone manages to adapt to different productions, and can become the perfect point of light to bring harmony to the look.

It goes without saying that the fashionistas on duty have already shown themselves to be big fans of the trend, right? Whether for street-style looks, or even glamorous productions for a power dinner, lavender could become the new wildcard hue and, let’s face it, it has an unrivaled charm and charisma.

With the growing popularity of the color, professionals from large industries have invested more and more in producing pieces of this color and it is already possible to check several options in the fashion market:

Dresses in lavender tone: The dress is a super romantic classic that looks good on women of the most diverse biotypes. The color looks good both in flowing fabrics and in body-hugging fabrics.

As the dress is a single piece, you can complement it with a third piece or accessories with colors that counterbalance the lavender.

Long pants in fashionable color:

Many women are afraid to wear light-colored pants, but whether in tailoring or jeans, pants in this shade of purple can be used both in basic and urban looks for day-to-day and in more elegant productions.

The skirt is a versatile and romantic option:


Just like the dress, the skirt is also a super feminine and versatile piece. The midi length, both in the tighter and more round modeling, emphasize the color in striking productions, but at the same time delicate.

Great choice for party dresses:

Lavender is a perfect color for party dresses, and can be used for weddings (godmother and guests), graduations, birthdays and any event that requires a formal dress code.

Crop tops are a great choice: Crop tops tend to be very stylish in this color. In addition to providing the user with a very interesting range of options to enhance looks, this type of garment tends to wear very well and has a good use.

Jackets are also interesting: The models in this color usually give an air of prominence and charm to the look, bringing modernity, personality and an extra charm when used in the look. Jackets can be used in several seasons of the year so they are always something interesting to buy.

The lavender color promises to stay in high for some time yet because it is a very feminine color, many women have fallen in love with it. Clothes and accessories in this color are quite versatile and easy to match and therefore end up being a great investment.

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