6 Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress

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6 Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress

We sometimes carefully selected elegant and fashionable clothes that will make us feel better and boost more confidence. When it comes to a bodycon dress, there are many ways how to wear it while still look stylish and trendy.

Here I picked up the perfect outfits and accessories that will look great to wear with the bodycon dress perfectly and practically. Be sure to check out these ways how to style your bodycon dress for enjoying the latest fashion.

Oversized Blazer

ASOS DESIGN perfect blazer black

If you are looking for a blazer that can dress up and down easily, so this is for you. It is lightweight feel as its a linen material that is perfect for any season outfit. Not tight but not drowning your body, so its slightly oversized which is what every woman looking for in a blazer fit.

Denim Jacket

Amelia Medium Wash Slouchy Trucker Jacket

This essential denim jacket has an oversized silhouette that would be great with your bodycon dress. It is super chic and has an 80’s and 90’s vibes. This is a great jacket that goes well with all casual outfits as well.


Belt can be a great option to style your bodycon dress practically. It looks elegant and formal when you wear it over a bodycon dress.

Over Knee boots

So Much Yes Black Suede Over the Knee Boots
So Much Yes Black Suede Over the Knee Boots

The over knee boots stay up nicely and they go well with everything. It would be a great pair for your favorite mini bodycon dress as well. Plus they look comfy enough to wear all day and night. The boots are perfect and affordable, so you will get so many compliments on them.

Long Cardigan

The knit cardigan incredibly looks comfy and warm when wearing it over a dress. The organic cotton of the knits still allows the skin to breathe and keep you feeling light and airy. This would be great to be an outer for your bodycon dress to wear in autumn or winter. A light beige cardigan can be added to your simple outfit. It’s fashionable to wear with your bodycon dress while wearing strappy sandals at your feet.

2 Layer necklace

This is 2 layers necklace with a coin pendant that has a classic vintage-like design that can be used with everything. It is a great item to complete your simple style by wearing it in a simple bodycon dress. You don’t need many accessories to look good, wear this 2 layers necklace only is already fabulous.

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