8 Must-Have Ramen Shirts for Any Ramen Lover

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8 Must-Have Ramen Shirts for Any Ramen Lover

As more and more people are into watching Anime, they tend to follow the clothing trend and eat all kinds of Japanese food including the popular ramen noodles. Are you also a big fan of all things Japanese and especially love eating Ramen? Do you also constantly think about trying different ramen restaurants and trying out new ramen recipes? Are you so ramen-obsessed that you feel the need to publicly declare your love for this humble wheat noodle soup dish that originated from Japan? If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to have a couple of ramen shirts in your wardrobe.  It may seem hard to believe that anyone would feel passionate enough about ramen to wear clothes with images of noodles on them but hey, we have seen plenty of t-shirts with images of ketchup or miracle whip splashed across the chest looking trendy.

Check out these must-have ramen shirts that are perfect for any ramen lover today. Try not to scream “Kawaii!” while perusing through this collection.

Retro Ramen Design T-Shirt

This Retro Rainbow Peace Love Ramen t-shirt features a distressed, groovy, vintage orange, red and brown design rainbow of Chinese Take Out Noodles box.  Paying homage to the 70s and 80s, this funny noodle humor t-shirt is great for ramen noodle lovers, noodle eating hippies, Chinese takeout food fans, high school and college students and millennials who basically live off ramen noodles.

The Only Men I Trust T-Shirt

We love the word play of this ramen shirt.

I like ramen T-shirt

If you are a fan of Goku,  get this shirt.

Ramen Neko T-Shirt

Isn’t this cute?

Power Rangers Ramen T-Shirt

Eat more ramen and get more power. Great for Power Rangers fans too.

Ebisoba Ichigen T-shirt

Wear your ramen tee featuring some history about your favorite classic shrimp ramen noodles. Ebisoba Ichigen’s soup is made by simmering a big quantity of sweet shrimp heads to extract the maximum flavor. Made by sauteing shrimp heads slowly to draw out the flavor.

Just A Girl Who Loves Anime

This cute anime design ramen T-Shirt is for teenage girls and women who love the Japanese animation and her noodles.

Ichiraku Ramen Shop T-Shirt

If you are looking for something less food art but just the same flair, this Naruto Shippuden Ichikaro Long sleeved T-Shirt is what you need.

With this collection of tees with graphics honoring Japan’s favorite noodles, you can now wear your noodle-slurping habit and head to your favorite  Japanese ramen shop. With borders closed and not being able to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun to soak in the Japanese vibe, there is nothing better than getting yourself a ramen t-shirt and imagine enjoying a bowl of this piping hot noodles on the streets of Osaka.

If you have friends or family who are also obsessed with ramen, you can gift these ramen-centric presents to the noodle addict. You can bet that they love you for life. They do make a fun, cute noodle ramen gift idea. Itadakimasu!

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